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Seven Lions

Spanning many different genres, Seven Lions has been picking up fans from all over the EDM scene.  This has led to an uncharacteristic rise in popularity for the 24 year old producer from California and an official endorsement from the much loved Above & Beyond after winning a remix competition put on by the trance super group.  Though he initially started out doing trance, the producer has been crossing genres and has been putting out a lot of dubstep tracks – though I love that he still keeps the trance elements and influences throughout most of the songs.

The fact that he has been touring with Gemini makes perfect sense once you listen to a few of these tracks. Seven Lions’ contest winning song is an amazing rendition of You Got To Go, that stays true to Gemini’s chill/trance/love step style, though I think Seven Lions does it even better. Next up, my all time favorite song so far. Still With Me gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it. This is a beautiful chill step song with some amazing vocals and just the right amount of wobble. At about 1:40 in is where I start freaking out :O You’ll probably recognize this next remix of Paul Van Dyk’s I Don’t Deserve You. It’s been awhile since I’ve heard a Paul Van Dyk song and this one brings me back to the day. Finally, two songs off of Seven Lions’ new EP “Polarize.” I like how he keeps the trance elements going in this EP but has a harder dubstep background to them than most of his other songs. Enjoy!


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After a very stressful day, I proceeded to drink one too many and rant about work…. this led to a bit of a rough morning…. which led to a red bull and some progressive trance….. and this led to one of the best: Moguai. One of Mau5trap’s first pickups, the German has a sound that fits perfectly with the label. Mpire is an epic track, and progressively adds layer upon layer of baller synth work.  The album with the same title has a TON of nice songs, i’ll include a great mini-mix of the album at the very bottom. A collaboration with Tommy Trash called InNOut is a highlight, and Mr. Trash has a club rework that is worth including. It is a banger in true Barney Franklin style. Thirdly, I have to give big ups to the ANTHEM he produced with Fatboy Slim; Ya Mama is an EPIC track, and you’ll recognize it immediately. Short post. Busy Day. Enjoy the trance….. also his BBC essential mix is uhhhhhmazzzzzzzing. Just sayin’ 🙂



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So stoked to do a Justin Blau post! the newest remix of Zedd’s Spectrum is a highlight of the amazing EP. I’m not typically a trance guy, but Blau pulls it off nicely. I love his Guilty Pleasure bootleg. It’s a surprise in a world of mediocre mashups. Lets face it, most “mashups” are nothing more than a sweet mix on the decks. It’s typically a great moment live, but subpar when recorded. This is where 3LAU shines, Guilty Pleasure is a bootlegged mashup BEGGING for recording, this track rocks. In his monster mash of Lick It, the Skrillex and Kaskade tune, he provides the epiccccc disco funk. This track is ULTRA clean, and keeps on coming with the fattest synth I’ve heard in a minute. Lastly, I’ve leave you with my personal favorite of the recent work, H8 is absolutely disgusting! It teases in true prog house style, and drops in a groovedown. Mixing new hits together never sounded so good, 3LAU does it right. Every Damn Time.



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