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Steve Jeffery from Peterborough, Britain is the one and only Pimpsoul, giving some epic love and heart to the electronic genre.  He’s got a solid taste for various genres wether you like to get weird and funky or love that hard bass.  Coming out with some real original remixes of your favorite old school songs, Pimpsoul reels you in like the big catch you are.  So if you grew up in the 90’s and love electronic music, get ready because he’s got some great sounds for ya! “On Point” is an awesome remix from a song way back in the day, with lyrics that go “praise you like you should“, you know who I’m talking bout and if you don’t just listen cuz that boy is fat! His collaboration with DJP We Come One” is another classic remixed into a wonderful track and you best recognize these lyrics.  Not a fan of his classics, well check out some of his heavier tracks, such as his collab with Mooqee featuring Bianca GeraldFeeling Good“, shit is dirtay!  Not heavy enough eh, well he may have a “refunk” of a Knife Party remix of Nero‘s “Crush On You“, bringing the filth, headbanger fo sho! Awwww, shit going to have to switch it up on you again with another Red Hot remix of his called, “Under the Bridge“, sound familiar?  Pimpsoul’s remix of Basement FreaksSomething Freaky” might just be my favorite of all his soundcloud’s, as he finds the perfect beat to rock out with these vocals. YO DAWG, I heard you like Barbara Streisand, that’s right DuckSauce loving the retake of your ever so popular hit!  Oh and last but never least, we have a timeless piece, which you will recognize by the lyrics alone…………..”This Time” ga ga ga, get some! Damn, Eight songs >.< well that should make up for some laziness from the NastyTrack team.  Not to mention our boy Ames is rocking the Bar Standard tomorrow night in Denver, so be sure to hit that up if you want to get down to some epic NuDisco!

Bitch I Might Be…ha ha hammered!


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Employee of the Year

Employee of the Year is a brand new duo coming out of Paris, France.  They hit us up via soundcloud to promote their new work and after taking a listen, I decided to make a post on them.  Mostly because they mentioned they would have to sing outside naked if I didn’t like their music, but more importantly because they rock!  They have a great, fresh sound that places you in an awesome, chill groove.  Also, all their tracks are played live, with guitar, voice, machines, and talk boxes.  They are signed to a brand new label, TTRR, and are currently the only band, but if they keep up with the great productions then “Take The Records and Run” will surely grow.  “That Train” is my favorite song of theirs, which may not seem that unique with only four songs currently on their sound cloud, however, this one absolutely kills it and showcases their production potential.  Their remix of  Brandy‘s “Never Say Never” couldn’t have been made any better as it transforms the trashy 90’s RNB original into a blissful, downtempo electronic track.  “One and Only” is a very chill song with a funky beat and some great vocals.  They have a video to go along with “Gallery” which is slightly heavier on the electronic side than the others, bringing in a filthy minimal beat.  I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more of their work in the future and if you liked what you heard today you can follow them on soundcloud and facebook.


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Polish Ambassador

The Polish Ambassador takes great pride in representing his native country and often spends most of his time at the embassy in Oakland, California.  Originally from Poland, he was first recognized as the countries highest ranking diplomat in 2005 and has been stationed at the embassy ever since.  Some may know him as David Sugalski a DJ and electronic musician from America, however, I believe this is a conspiracy theory as he’s obviously a Polish native.  This so called “David” first began his musical creations while studying marketing at the University of Colorado at Boulder and soon after was hired to do a soundtrack for a Microsoft video game.  A man of many alias’ David also goes by Ample Mammal, which allows him to define the two different styles of music that he enjoys producing.  David takes pride in his live shows as he intends to make each and every one unique.  Using Abelton Live and Sonar, Polish produces some super fresh tracks under the label 1320 Records.  He is skilled in multiple genres and has some really filthy remixes. You can also obtain all of his music for free at his website.  The songs here need no review as they are all clean concoctions of the Ambassador himself.  They are my favorites from his sound cloud and are all equally badass, providing a chilled out tempo and fresh sound.  The Polish Ambassador is also making a Colorado tour next week stopping at various locations throughout the state.

His schedule is as follows:

  • Wednesday – 11/7 – Boulder – Fox Theatre
  • Thursday – 11/8 – Fort Collins – Aggie Theatre
  • Friday – 11/9 – Avon – Agave
  • Saturday 11/10 – Denver – Casselman’s


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