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Kill Paris

So I’ve been waiting to drop this post for quite some time now… but I can’t resist any longer. I have the day off today and I’m currently raging about it, eating a frosty. seriously. Pretty much everything this man puts out is pure GOLD, so it may be a long one. I suppose we begin with the Californian’s newest: a remix of indie classic Fallen Love by The Great Flood Catastrophe. The drop on this disgusting track explodes with massive syncopated synth. Next up is an equally epic track, the better known remix is In My Mind by Axwell (who btw SLAYED NCMF), but I MUCH prefer KP’s take on it. The Love We Shared is a euphoric drumsteppy track. It’s called Panty Soak and Dropstep for a reason. I first heard of this cat when making a mix to play out, needless to say, the mix went over well. Listen to I Do Love You and tell me you aren’t boppin’ your head to his EPIC saw synthesizer. Corey Baker knows funk too. Shades of Funk is perhaps my favorite of the bunch, however it’s so hard to pick from this collection. This one BANGS with piano and electro funk, the title is an apt one. So this time I’m leaving some of the soundcloud exploring on you guys…. Kill Paris has SOOOO many epic tracks its impossible to capture it here (think M83, Lana Del Rey, Beth Ditto to name a few) PLEASE go check it out… I used I Wanna Be Your Lover in my Heatwave set, and I could listen to it over, and over again. Check this man OUT.



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