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Rameses B

Continuing my chill zone mood, this one is for the ladies… and anyone else I guess. Rameses B is no stranger to the music industry – having produced music since 2003. Also, with “a BTEC in Music technology & a degree in creative music & sound technology Rameses has a vast experience with audio & it’s applications.” This fact shines through clearly in his production capabilities and his ability to produce and combine many different genres in his songs.

Rameses tends to favor the trancey female vocals in his songs which I love. Holly Drummond does many of the vocals in his songs and there’s a good reason why – her voice matches perfectly with the feeling Remeses puts into his songs and I wouldn’t be surprised if we heard more from her in the futures. Usually I’d describe each song, but you honestly just have to listen to these, they are all so good. Whether it’s drum n bass or dubstep, the liquicity and flow of these songs will put you in a good mood.


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