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Two Door Cinema Club

two door cinema club

Kevin Baird, Alex Trimble, and Sam Halliday have been creating some awesome songs in the past couple years.  Hailing from Northern Ireland they go by Two Door Cinema Club.  Taking a step back from the EDM scene we bring you a band, like many others, who are responsible for making the EDM scene what it is today.  Without traditional bands, singers, and artists we would not have some of my most favorite electronic remixes, collabs, and productions.  These guys came out with their debut album in 2010 and have made quite a few gems since.  Probably my favorite song at this point in time was first heard in The Magician‘s mix, Magic Tape 28, which is an Alex Metric remix of “Sun“.  I know there are those out there who aren’t that into the “indie/hipster” scene or music, but honestly give this one a listen!  I definitely have a soft spot for some great vocals and piano, whether it maybe chill nu disco, house, or dnb.  Moulinex has a great take on “I Can Talk” electrifying the original with a great beat.  “What You Know” is an excellent original from the group showing off their great guitar skills and catchy vocals.  The Twelves do some justice remixing their original “Something Good Can Work”  being an excellent group themselves out of Brazil.  Ames and I were able to see The Twelves a few months ago here in Denver and they played an awesome show down at the Marquis!  Enjoy the super chilled out sounds from this Irish indie group and the wonderful remixes!  Gotta switch it up every once in awhile.


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The Magician

One night not so long ago, he appeared from a place between space and time. His background is shrouded in mystery, his powers are supernatural and his reputation is whispered about among men. He goes by different names, but most folks just call him The Magician-RA

I’ve been waiting for the right time to drop a Magician post, but after two weeks straight of listening to Memory, his collaboration with Yuksek, I had to get it done. This track is simply divine; When the chorus and bassline finally come together in the final minutes, a smile inevitably creeps across my face. After Aeroplane split up a few years ago, Stephen Fasano set off to pursue a solo project, and his work continues to impress. His remix of Sebastien Tellier’s Cochon Ville gives off an 80’s vibe that shines with disco lights and dank club sound. Put sunglasses on and groove the night away with this funky fresh bassline. He lays a misty disco vibe across Sam Sparro’s Happiness. The original is a cocktail hour hit, but Stephen works his magic to create a slow driving sound that eventually explodes into melodic midnight madness! He releases a monthly “Magic Tape” on soundcloud, and I find myself champing at the bit every 30 days to get my ears on it. His latest work is one of his best, Magic Tape Twenty-Four is a masterpiece and listening to Memory in context unleashes the true power of this monster track. He is one of my favorite artists, trust me when I ask you to take a breath, strap in, and let Stephen work his magic for an hour. You will not be disappointed.



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Future Classic

Comin’ to you from the land down unda with some seriously sexy sounds. Future Classic is one of my favorite record labels, their sound is always unexpected and always delivers something fresh and new straight down my ear canal. With so much rising talent signed up, selecting songs to put here was toughhhhh. Flume is an up-n-comer from sydney with a genre-defying sound. All I can say is it makes you bob your head. His newest track HyperParadise is unbelievably unique and his remix of Ta-Ku’s Higher is funked up hip-hop. David August remixes Flight Facilities’ newest track With You feat. Grovesnor in an awesome way. This track creeps along with a dark disco vibe in stark contrast to the original, and I’m in love with it. New Life from Jeremy Glenn continues the slow disco vibe in a brighter way, I sped this one up for Fun Mix 4 and it worked beautifully. Lastly, one of my personal favorite artists The Magician remixes Scenic’s release Another Sky and PUMPS you up for a perfect breezy summer night.



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