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Two Door Cinema Club

two door cinema club

Kevin Baird, Alex Trimble, and Sam Halliday have been creating some awesome songs in the past couple years.  Hailing from Northern Ireland they go by Two Door Cinema Club.  Taking a step back from the EDM scene we bring you a band, like many others, who are responsible for making the EDM scene what it is today.  Without traditional bands, singers, and artists we would not have some of my most favorite electronic remixes, collabs, and productions.  These guys came out with their debut album in 2010 and have made quite a few gems since.  Probably my favorite song at this point in time was first heard in The Magician‘s mix, Magic Tape 28, which is an Alex Metric remix of “Sun“.  I know there are those out there who aren’t that into the “indie/hipster” scene or music, but honestly give this one a listen!  I definitely have a soft spot for some great vocals and piano, whether it maybe chill nu disco, house, or dnb.  Moulinex has a great take on “I Can Talk” electrifying the original with a great beat.  “What You Know” is an excellent original from the group showing off their great guitar skills and catchy vocals.  The Twelves do some justice remixing their original “Something Good Can Work”  being an excellent group themselves out of Brazil.  Ames and I were able to see The Twelves a few months ago here in Denver and they played an awesome show down at the Marquis!  Enjoy the super chilled out sounds from this Irish indie group and the wonderful remixes!  Gotta switch it up every once in awhile.


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Amtrac released a MONSTER remix on Friday. The tune is a nu disco romp, with a Barry Manilow twist. The rework of Everything’s Gunna Be Alright will melt your panties off. He recently did a remix for the Chromatics(From my hometown, Portland WATTTUPPP), their song Birds of Paradise gets a chill disco treatment from the Kentucky native. It rocks. Now, we are seeing Treasure Fingers in two weeks, and Amtrac has one of the finest remixes around. His take on the classic It’s Love is a feel-good disco track. It’s quickly becoming my favorite remix of the track. SOOOO many good songs! it’s hard to stop adding to this post, Fear is an EPIC oldschool disco house track. It retains an oldschool beat feel, while getting an update for the times. It’s an awesome song. One more! Canadian indie rockers Metric get the rework treatment. The result is a chill downtempo twist on their track Blindness. By the way, Metric plays the Ogden October 4th, get your tix here.



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Remix Artist Collective

First, a warning. This post is going to be long. Very Long….

So I get asked to play this song ALL THE TIME. Pretty much anytime i’m messing around on decks, “Play Hollywood,” they say (you know who you are 🙂 ). Every. Time.  RAC released this awesome nu disco collaboration with Penguin Prison as a teaser to their upcoming debut album 3 months ago. If ANY of the other tracks on the album come close to this one…. well lets just say my entire set will be RAC requests  I’ll put Hollywood (along with SUPERB remixes from The Magician and Felix da Housecat) at the bottom of this post. All three are available for free download, and I suggest you put them on your playlists. They are all MASSIVE.

Now that we’ve got that elephant out of the room, lets spotlight some of the Remix Artist Collective’s more obscure work. With so much material on their soundcloud, developing the tracklist for this post was a real treat. They rework Gossip’s Perfect World very well. RAC has a special way of letting the original track shine, while still adding a unique touch. Too many artists call it a “remix” when really they just made a generic house track and sampled the original tracks hook. Compare their take on the Fixers Iron Deer Dream to almost any other remix out there. RAC’s sounds the purest. It’s not as if they can’t do up pop stuff either…. they DOMINATE Lana Del Rey’s flash hit Blue Jeans. They lay a bubbly synth over the top of Foster the People’s Houdini. Their rework of Zero by the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s is unbelievable summer music, the bassline will have you movin’ for sure. They take dark indie rockers Phantogram’s track When I’m Small and work MAGIC. This one takes a grim dark turn, and appeals on a deeeeeep level. I’ll leave with another Penguin Prison track, this time its an original remixed by RAC. Worse it Gets makes it into most of my sets, and it yet another shining example of RAC’s potential when given an indie track.

These guys have really remixed everyone under the sun… I beg you to explore their soundcloud. It really comes down to what indie band you prefer, because RAC has done them all.



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