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Chase and Status

Saul Milton and Will Kennard are the epic production duo behind one of the best electronic groups out of London, Chase and Status.  Andy Gangadeen and MC Rage are additions who make up the live band.  Saul and Will initially met at university in Manchester while one studied the history of art at Victoria University and the other studied English and humanities at Metro.  Both of which decided to drop out and pursue their musical careers, which typically is frowned upon, however, we are very glad they did!  Chase and Status first starting making some headway when they had three number one tracks on the UK Dance Chart between 2007 and 2009, one of which was “Pieces” featuring Plan B.  This is the first of many songs below and the music video is a little cray, but spoke to me in some way, shape, or form thus claiming the top spot.  I absolutely love the transitions from the acoustic guitar to the drum and bass in this one!  Their first album, More Than a Lot, debuted in October 2008 and received the best album award at the 2009 drum and bass awards.  “Against All Odds” featuring Kano is another track from their first album and has a little different feel.  Completely veering off the dnb train, this track breaks out the funk and absolutely kills it!

Before we delve into the awesomeness of their second album, No More Idols, we first have to give a listen to one of their newest releases “Big Man” featuring Liam Bailey.  This song is fresh off of soundcloud and until recently has only been heard in concert.  Not only is this a free download but this is a straight filthy song, bringing together some epic guitar, great vocals, and some electronic pew pew.  This next track is a remix of “Let You Go” done by Nero.  A great remix of the original, this one drops into some nasty dubstep and has been heard throughout the world with Nero‘s most recent tour.

Chase and Status‘ second album, No More Idols, was debuted at number 2 in the UK and was certified Gold in the first week of sales by the BPI.  The following are music videos of songs which were all on this album.  “Time” featuring Delilah marked the duo’s fourth consecutive top 40 hit, which peaked on the UK Charts at #21.  The video is quite depressing as it depicts a young girls family struggles from an abusive father, bringing some further emotion into the song.  I really enjoy Delilah‘s vocals over the subtle dnb beat, a very clean production!  Their collaboration with Sub Focus, “Flashing Lights” featuring Takura, is a great down tempo dnb track that has such a good flow to it.  Stepping up the tempo a bit with a real nasty beat and some dirty raps is”Hitz” featuring Tinie Tempah. Last one up, “Blind Faith” featuring Liam Bailey, has quite the intro on the video, delaying the song until about 1 minute 20 seconds.  I’d be surprised if you haven’t heard this one, with the epic beat and that lovely “Sweet Sensation” vocal clip, this is one to remember!

A wise man once told me “The longer the post, the better the content” 😯


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Oliver Nelson

Oliver Nelson is an electronic music producer out of Stockholm, Sweden.  This young producer was born in 1990 and has some super clean mixes.  I haven’t heard talent like this since Plastic Plates, well to be fair he only has tracks up on his sound cloud and I would love to hear a full set from this man!  I couldn’t dig up much background info on him as he is still somewhat small, but that won’t last if he keeps it up!  His remix of Urban Cone‘s “Deja Vu” is a great track, bringing in a very clean, uplifting beat to the original vocals!  Nelson’s remix of Barry Manilow‘s “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” is a quality disco take on the original, with once again a super clean beat!  His remix of Yelle‘s “Ce Jeu” is very well done, taking the crap beat out of the original, Nelson reforms this song into something great!  Maybe I have a thing for french girls speaking in their native language, but I love this track, the unkown is so alluring! He does another great job with his remix of The GreensSomething In the Water” as the original is quite the pop song and reminds me of the trash that is KeSha >.<  As you can hear he funks this one out, always keeping it clean, oh so clean :).  Last sound cloud up is Nelson’s remix of another Urban Cone track “Freak“.  The intro on this song reminds me of  SHM‘s “Save the World” intro. I listened to both and they are definitely different, but for some reason I keep associating them.  Either way another quality remix from the man Oliver!  The original is pretty good too, from Urban Cone, they have a solid video on youtube.  At the bottom I put up a really cool video that I found on Oliver’s facebook page. The video is dubbed a “love story” by him and has an awesome split screen of a couple’s individual journey to each other.

Feeling the Nu Disco today!


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Sammy Bananas

One of the pioneers on A-Trak’s legendary Fools Gold label, Sammy Bananas has been funkin’ it up lately. Hailing from Brooklyn, this cat has an epic catalogue of indie-electro remixes. His oldschool disco/funk style is right up my alley, and I’m ULTRA stoked to see the man himself this Saturday at The Hundred party! Come disco down!!…details here.

On to some tasty tunes? First up, we have the Banana man’s take on The Talk, a driving nu disco song by Fashen. Sammy slows down the track a bit and adds some nice funk to it. The result is a really chill dance floor takeover. Of his recent work, this one is my favorite. He again showcases his knack for this type of remix with the rework of TiTAN’s pounding disco house track Rodeo. Sammy once again works his magic to tone down this banger a bit, and perfects it for groovin’ down. He subtly tunes the track to a much more “full” sound, all the while maintaining the 4/4 rawness of the original. Chromeo’s When the Night Falls emulated the synth pop of the 80’s. Sammy B has a really unique take on it. I LOVE the original and didn’t really know what to expect from this one…. He departs from the 80’s vibe and takes the track in an almost jazz bar direction; The addition of a saxophone and the subtraction of the original’s driving bass line morph this classic into a completely different song. Being a huge Chromeo fan, I’d have to say I prefer the original, but this one is definitely worth a listen! Lastly, Sammy does epic work on the bangin’ electro-disco remix of Into the Future. This Futurecop! remix is a hilarious upbeat disco KILLER. You’ll be dancing with a giant smile on your face. guaranteed.



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