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It’s not often these days that the Drum & Bass genre isn’t of the new school liquid variety. I was super stoked to hear Phace’s stuff. It’s a breath of fresh air to just hear straight-up, raw, in your face DnB. This dude is from Hamburg, and runs the label NeoSignal with his buddy Misanthrop. In fact, his track Desert Orgy with Misanthrop is an old school DnB classic. With releases on high profile labels like Virus, OWLSA, Mau5trap, and Shogun, he really has been all over the dark DnB spectrum. His tunes all maintain a precise atmospheric drum and bass sound that is super refreshing to hear. But alas, it’s Friday and time to GTFO of my office….. so if you need something different sounding check this guy out.



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︻╦╤─ ƱZ ─╤╦︻

uz (1)

I’m swamped and pissed at work. This post will be short and sweet, and pay homage to the current trap champ: ƱZ. He recently remixed one of my favorite producers, Alex Metric. I saw the trap genre attached to Rave Weapon and immediately went for /facepalm…. BUT it rocks. No other way to put it, in fact it could be my favorite remix of the song so far. His collab with CRNKN bangs with the ghetto vibe that defines that dirty trap sound. I mean you can’t help but bop around like a G listenin’ to this trappppp shit. The fifth installment of “TRVP SHIT” is literally the most gangster song i’ve ever heard, so it goes here. I’ll close with his UKF Podcast, because I have yet to find another trap producer that can actually string a mix together…. A good one anyways  😉

DAMN SON, where’d yah find this?!?



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Bag Raiders


So it’s been a while…. Figured I’d do a classic post, on a classic group, with a CLASSIC song. What better choice than Australian synth electro masters: The Bag Raiders. I was reminded of this duo when they released a new mix last week (grab it here), and, much to my surprise we’ve never done a post on them!?! Their hit Shooting Stars took the electro world by storm like 3 years ago, and it still sounds fresh today. I forgot how much I love this track! A similar feel is found with their other EPIC hit Not Over. I love the 80’s pop synth sound these guys bang with, and this song is further proof that synth pop is AWESOME. They can pull off the obligatory indie remix as well. Check out their funky rework of Cut Copy’s Far Away. Lastly, I Won’t Let Go is a great deep house track that takes an awesome disco vibe towards the end.



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