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Laidback Luke

Lucas Cornelis Van Scheppingen was born in the year of 1976 at the location of Manila, Philippines. Growing up in the Netherlands this Dutch DJ goes by the alias Laidback Luke!  He first made his claim to fame as a graffiti artist and tried his hand at operating his own brand of protein and weight gain products “iBeefer” before taking his skills to the turn tables.  Voted #46 for DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJ’s for the year 2008, #27 in the year 2009, #17 in 2010, and #20 in 2011.  He has worked with many big artists including the Swedish House Mafia and has been playing at all the large festivals around the world!  He is definitely one of my favorite artists, mostly because he’s dutch and he kicks ass!  I can’t even count how many times I have listened to his 2011 EDC Vegas set, so filthy!  I unfortunately missed him this year at EDC Vegas, as he was up there on my list.  He had a conflict with Camo & Krooked‘s set which I had to get to early for front row, absolutely no regrets there.  I will absolutely see him next chance I get!  Alright, so I have quite the predicament here with way too many songs that I love from this man and I’m just going to say F*** it and throw them all up.  Main reason being because my suit is tight, very tight!

First up is LaidBack Luke‘s  remix of Dragonette‘s “Let It Go” an awesome remix bringing in a banging beat to go along with Dragonette’s great vocals!

Cambodia” is a free track Laidback Luke dropped for a 300,000 twitter follower mark.  This song has a nasty, glitchy beat that I find quite unique, making this free track a must listen!  Even though he doesn’t list it, this is a remix of Kim Wilde‘s “Cambodia” as he throws in a sample of her original in here.

His remix of Savoy featuring Heather Bright We Are The Sun” is a quality remix, re-hashing the base beat with a little nasty piano and later dropping some subtle dutch sirens.  Don’t worry not those crazy sirens.

Laidback Luke‘s remix of Benny Benassi‘s “Cinema”  has a little bit of a rough intro for the first 40 secs, but stay patient this one gets dirty!  Funny thing here is my dumbass didn’t realize Cinema was Benny’s song. I always thought it was Skrillex‘s, as he has a ferocious remix of it.  Don’t know how I missed that as Benny is an all-time favorite of mine.

His remix of Anjulie‘s “Brand New” is an amazing remix and hails as one of my favorite’s.  The beat goes so very well with those vocals and he makes a straight banger out of this one!

Laidback Luke‘s Edit on Avesta & B Valley’s Dutchano” is filthy, starting off really slow, this song builds and drops into a ferocious beat!

Oh wait there’s more, some of his best work still awaits in these hilarious music videos!  Laidback Luke featuring John MendelsohnTimebomb” is a great song in a ghetto music video depicting a roller derby pin ball game?? maybe? So random…

Another music video of Laidback Luke‘s featuring John MendelsohnTill Tonight” is straight dirty and is another favorite, I know I have a lot of favorites … Another low production video, this track doesn’t need any fancy visuals or screenplay to justify its worth!

The next video is a collaboration of Laidback Luke and epic trashbag / piggy backing bitch, AKA Steve Angello.  This is a remix of Robin S‘ “Show Me Love” an old hit she produced back in ’93! Another crappy music video, this song has been played all over and I’d be surprised if you haven’t heard it before. Gotta give Robin S a lot of credit on this one with her amazing pipes and her original song!

Last Video, congrats if you made it this far, lol.  I know you’ve heard this one! Laidback Luke‘s collaboration with the Swedish House Mafia (Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, and Steve Angello) featuring Deborah Cox Leave the World Behind” is a grade A production and is truly an amazing song!  This video is the best music video of the bunch, showing some great clips of SHM‘s travels and shows.

Longest post ever >.<


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Born in Evanston, Illinois Ryan Raddon began honing his DJ skills in the dorm room while attending college at BYU.  Yea that’s right Kaskade went to Brigham Young University, the one and only, and I’m sure he had plenty of time to hone those skills in the dorms with limited female contact and strict no party rules.  After his freshman year at BYU he served a two year mission to Japan for the Church of Latter-Day Saints, coming back he finished school at the University of Utah, BYU probably expelled him for playing techno music in the dorms… When attending University of Utah, Ryan owned and operated a local record store by the name of Mechanized Records. In the year 2000 Kaskade moved to San Francisco to become an A&R assistant for Om Records and shortly after began producing his own.  What the hell is an A&R assistant you might ask? Well its an Artists and Repertoire assistant, who helps the record label with talent scouting and overseeing the artistic development of recording artists.  Kaskade is arguably one of America’s best producers and has done some solid work with another American great Skrillex.  I have seen Kaskade live twice, first saw him at EDC Vegas, which is where the pic above is from and then again at Red Rocks! I did a post a little while back on Alvin Risk who opened for his Red Rocks show, which was amazing with light rain, epic music, and the beautiful scenery!!  Kaskade‘s remix of Little Boot‘s “Remedy” is one of my favorites, I absolutely love Little Boots, she has some great songs and a great voice!  His remix of Justin Timberlake‘s “Lovestoned” is another great song with a very fun poppy beat along with Justin’s beautiful voice, lol, gotta love the JT.  Next is Kaskade and Skrillex‘s collaboration “Lick it” a filthy song with two very different taste’s going into it.  Ames posted a great remix of the song by 3lau awhile back found here.  Last soundcloud posted is a remix of Katy Perry‘s “Wide Awake“, which is actually a pretty nasty mix bringing in some heat to that original pop.  His music video of “Turn it Down” with Rebecca & Fiona is an awesome song with a pretty cool video, I really like the black light makeup the girls have!


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