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Ganja White Knight


So I had a pretty long rant written up for today about my opinion on the state of music but then I found Ganja White Knight’s new album and I had to hold off for another week. Don’t worry though, it’s coming, and it’s a good one. Anyways, you must be thinking this album is pretty awesome for me to hold off on a long, well written rant and you would be right. Good is an understatement though, this album is pure gold. Right when I thought dubstep was worn out and overdone, Ganja White Knight brings me back to loving it again. Borrowing elements from so many different and unexpected genres I can honestly say that this is one of the best albums I’ve ever listened to. The amount of time, work, and energy that must have gone into it is seriously impressive and it’s very rare today to see EDM artists releasing full albums instead of just EPs. Usually, I’d list my favorite songs but they are all equally impressive. Listen to this from start to finish in order because that’s the way it’s meant to be heard (at least the first time around).

I can’t embed this album but listen to it free at http://www.GanjaWhiteNight.com!


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EPIC PICTURE TIME! Damn, so many good releases this week I had a hard time picking who to do today. It was a toss up between two and I had to go with the man Rusko! Rusko basically defined the sound for an entire year for me. He was my first real introduction to dubstep (besides Skream’s essential mix) with two of the greatest jams of all time Woo Boost and Cockney Thug. If you haven’t heard these songs yet, I suggest you stop right now and listen to the sounds that practically defined a genre. This is some serious Elvis s**t. I don’t know why I blanked that out… Since these genre defining tracks though, what has the man been up to? Well, besides touring, getting married, and proudly sporting a serious drug and alcohol problem, Rusko has been making some jams! With a full length album released only a few months ago and this week’s release of the “Kapow EP,” there are many songs to choose from and they span a wide variety of styles and genres.

These first tracks are my favorite two of the new EP. Yeah combines multiple classic sounds. Bringing back the old school rave days and mixing it with the classic Rusko style. I’m glad to hear that he still has a recognizable, signature sound. The most popular of the EP is Like This, an electro/moombah song with a heavy bass backing to it. Definitely brings a funky beat with an upbeat ska synth in the background.

Now on to the the full length album “Songs.” I seriously LOVE old school reggae vocals which might be why I like Rusko so much. Roll Da Beats (Old School Edition) delivers with flair! Aptly titled, this song is some true old school. Mek More Green – more reggae vocals! Yes! More of an island Jamaican jam than dubstep, but I guess that’s what dubstep came from anyways so this is going back to the very roots. Somebody to Love rocks a dirty drop and if you haven’t heard Sub-Focus’ remix of this song, it’s another one you should check out. Finishing it off with Dirty Sexy, I could get down to this song. This sounds like a Benga track to me and I love it.


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So I’ve been holding onto these guys for awhile, waiting for the right time to do a post. The time has finally come! With this week’s release of their insane remix of Smack My Bitch Up, it’s time to unleash the amazing Noisia! Though I was quite disappointed with their DJ set at EDC, the same can not be said about their production skills. Rocking some of the most unique and dirty beats ever, Noisia never fails to bring it fast, hard, and heavy. With over 100 tracks released on their soundcloud, there’s bound to be a few you’re going to love.

Noisia has released songs across a plethora of labels, created a soundtrack for the Devil May Cry, Wipeout 2048, Gran Turismo, Ridge Racer and SSX Snowboarding video games, and has had their music used in Hollywood trailers. Hailing from the land of the Dutch, the trio has been voted best D&B act three times at the Beatport Music Awards. Constantly pushing the envelope and collaborating with some of the biggest name artists around, Noisia is guaranteed to stay on everyone’s radar for years to come.

I could add so many songs to this list, but alas, I must only pick a few. Luckily they are all ridiculous. Let’s kick it off with Prodigy’s Smack My Bitch Up. The song that inspired me to do this post, this stays just true enough to the original awesome parts and puts the right tweak on the rest. One of the best remixes I’ve heard in a very long time. Nothing Matters is insane. Extremely original and extremely heavy, the intro builds and builds into a perfect drop. Could This Be is slightly more atmospheric and does a great job of picking up at the end. Tommy’s Theme has so many views and comments you sometimes can’t see the wave form through at all. Starting with an orchestral procession, this song soon turns into a dubstep anthem. Shellshock has an amazing music video to it that is definitely worth checking out. Finally, getting old school with this timeless classic. A remix of Pendulum’s Painkiller. This song will never get old to me and this remix keeps it fresh.


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