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Two Door Cinema Club

two door cinema club

Kevin Baird, Alex Trimble, and Sam Halliday have been creating some awesome songs in the past couple years.  Hailing from Northern Ireland they go by Two Door Cinema Club.  Taking a step back from the EDM scene we bring you a band, like many others, who are responsible for making the EDM scene what it is today.  Without traditional bands, singers, and artists we would not have some of my most favorite electronic remixes, collabs, and productions.  These guys came out with their debut album in 2010 and have made quite a few gems since.  Probably my favorite song at this point in time was first heard in The Magician‘s mix, Magic Tape 28, which is an Alex Metric remix of “Sun“.  I know there are those out there who aren’t that into the “indie/hipster” scene or music, but honestly give this one a listen!  I definitely have a soft spot for some great vocals and piano, whether it maybe chill nu disco, house, or dnb.  Moulinex has a great take on “I Can Talk” electrifying the original with a great beat.  “What You Know” is an excellent original from the group showing off their great guitar skills and catchy vocals.  The Twelves do some justice remixing their original “Something Good Can Work”  being an excellent group themselves out of Brazil.  Ames and I were able to see The Twelves a few months ago here in Denver and they played an awesome show down at the Marquis!  Enjoy the super chilled out sounds from this Irish indie group and the wonderful remixes!  Gotta switch it up every once in awhile.


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run dmt

About a year ago I saw Excision  play here in Denver and witnessed one of the dirtiest drops of my life. Luckily I was able to capture it on my phone and I still show people to this day. It’s rare to see a crowd go that nuts and I always wished I could find the song that he dropped. Finally I found it! Curse of the Mummy by Run DMT. I was also stoked to find that Run DMT has a ton of other awesome jams. Rocking the dubstep, drum n bass, trap, and moombahton, there’s bound to be something you’ll dig from his soundcloud. Hailing from Austin, Texas, he has released songs on records labels including Play Me Records and Mad Decent.

First up, the epic jam. Curse of the Mummy was re-released as a free download for Halloween and downloading it would probably be an awesome idea. I was also able to upload the video of the Excision show. Amazing drop. This was definitely a contender for show of the year for me. Showcasing his chiller vibes, his remix of Flume’s Sleepless is some liquid DnB that I can get down to. Bassnectar’s personal touch on the ghetto sounding track Sugarcube, is a nice take on the original and I have definitely heard this song at more than one show. Finally, Slave to the Sweat – a mix of trap and dubstep. That 808 drum is growing on me every time I hear a new trap song. At first it sounded pretty cheezy to me, but now it’s cheezy awesome!


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Whew! Busy week, the skies are blue again in Denver, and its time for some juicy French Nu Disco. Paris has been a powerhouse for the genre, and Zimmer continues the tradition. He produces on the fabulous DiscoTexas label alongside heavyweights Mirror People, Xinobi, and Justin Faust. I absolutely LOVE everything coming out of this camp, and watch for more posts on DT artists in the future. It’s up there with Kitsune, Future Classic, and the soon-to-be Aeropop labels as my favorite spots to dig for tunes. Zimmer tends towards two sounds which he categorizes as either Vertical or Horizontal disco. Vertical tends towards a driving peak hour sound. These are pump up tracks. His remix of Jupiter’s Jucy Lucy is a perfect example. You can hear the driving synth line right off the bat, it bubbles with french disco goodness. DiscoTexas legends Moullinex rework Zimmer’s original Looking at You with a “Vertical” style as well. The result is a happy fun techy tune.  The other side of Zimmer is a slower, plodding style. I LOVE the horizontal disco beats as well, the remix of Pompeya’s Power will have you drifting out to sea in no time. If you listen to The Magician or Aeroplane’s monthly mixes, you’ll recognize the style right away. His original Cruisin‘ continues the trend; the title says it all. BTW a little birdy told me the frenchman might make a stop in the mile high later next week….. Hit me up for some details  🙂



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