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Ganja White Knight


So I had a pretty long rant written up for today about my opinion on the state of music but then I found Ganja White Knight’s new album and I had to hold off for another week. Don’t worry though, it’s coming, and it’s a good one. Anyways, you must be thinking this album is pretty awesome for me to hold off on a long, well written rant and you would be right. Good is an understatement though, this album is pure gold. Right when I thought dubstep was worn out and overdone, Ganja White Knight brings me back to loving it again. Borrowing elements from so many different and unexpected genres I can honestly say that this is one of the best albums I’ve ever listened to. The amount of time, work, and energy that must have gone into it is seriously impressive and it’s very rare today to see EDM artists releasing full albums instead of just EPs. Usually, I’d list my favorite songs but they are all equally impressive. Listen to this from start to finish in order because that’s the way it’s meant to be heard (at least the first time around).

I can’t embed this album but listen to it free at http://www.GanjaWhiteNight.com!


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Drum and Bass. The only genre that I’m not feeling kinda burnt out on in EDM these days. Underground enough that everyone isn’t trying to do the same cookie cutter track as the next, but popular enough that it attracts some really amazing artists. I don’t know why there’s never really been a big Dnb scene here in the states but I’m super jealous of the UK. I follow a lot of Dnb artists and they are always posting some amazing shows that they’re playing over there. Especially Hospital Records. Damn, do they have some amazing talent and put on some truly epic shows. A recent signing to the legendary label is Keeno. With a background in classical music, this shows through in his tracks. He’s only 18… god damn. What was I doing when I was 18. Oh yeah, nothing.

I love the style of these tracks. Chill and soulful. A perfect match for Hospital Records. Need to Feel Loved is my favorite release of the whole year, although technically it was the end of December I didn’t find it until last week. The rest of these songs are also sweet. Get ready for some “orchestral sin-sations” hehe. Lords of Acid reference…


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Datsik (2)

Datsik again? Hell yeah Datsik again. I will rep this guy until he stops putting out tracks because pretty much everything he does is bomb and he’s constantly changing it up.  Not only that, but he releases tracks and does collabs with other artists all the time! I don’t know how he has time for it between his extensive touring and running his own label, but he does. Epic.

Anyways, what got me back on my Datsik kick was his recent release of trap remixes of some classic Datsik tracks. Remember Swagga? I sure do. This song destroyed clubs a few years ago and its trap remix will do the same. Doing trap right, that’s for sure. The Bonafide Hustler trap remix will do the same, bringing it.

Also semi-released are three new dubstep songs that have no download and it’s killing me. I really need these and I can’t find a download link on soundcloud or even on beatport… My favorite two are a remix of Colin Munroe’s Your Eyes and an original track Juicebox. Your Eyes has a sweet chill vibe to it that isn’t super glitched or spazzed out – something I’m getting a little tired of these days. Juicebox has a nice bouncy beat to it and is another quality track. Genred instrumental hip hop, this song would be pretty awesome with a vocal track but is definitely just fine by itself. Finally, Truth just released their newest EP and one track is a collab with the big man. It’s a dark and deep track in the style that I just can’t get enough of. Peace!


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