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its a trap

Pete H and Daniel D are the trap ambassadors of ATL.  Producing some great tracks in the genre, they always seem to incorporate some heavy electro, dub, and rap.  Showing versatility with their trap music makes them quite unique, bringing some life to their songs!  “FLEX” , one of their newest, is excellent as they throw in builds, electro, and even have a somewhat moombah tone raging.  “FROM THE TRAP” hits a little harder than the previous, throwing down the nasty.  “TRVPSTVR”  is one of their earlier productions, well from soundcloud atleast, having a great beat this one is a bit chiller with smooth transitions.  “ORIGINAL CHOPPAZ is another filthy production, bringing the heat with a solid beat.  Get ready to ride dirty with some ATL Trap, HEROES X VILLAINS.



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Treasure Fingers

Ashley Jones originally got his start as part of the Hardstep group Evol Intent. I got the chance to see the Atlanta based trio a few years back at Beta in Denver, check them out if you get the chance. These guys melted my face! I had never heard of the group, and having nothing else to do on Friday, I checked out Beta’s weekly bass night on Friday(Bassic). Their music really can only be desribed as HEAVY!! They seemlessly mix DnB with dubstep and a touch of acidic hardstyle to great effect. Their sound retains a truly oldschool kick snare DnB sound, while still sounding fresh and new. Needless to say, they GO HARD. Listen to this collab with Dieselboy from his album “Substance D,” a fitting reference to Philip K Dick’s classic novel A Scanner Darkly. Imagine a sold out club at 2am with this dirt bumpin’ ….FUN.

Now you might ask, wtf is he doing tagging this post with Nu Disco?!? Enter: Treasure Fingers. Started by Jones as a side project, he achieved elevated status in the nu disco scene with the release of Cross the Dancefloor. The track went on to reach even greater heights with superb remixes from the likes of Lifelike and Chromeo; The highlight for me is Chromeo’s, their rework truly takes this already epic disco track to a new level.  P-Thugg adds new dimension with his vocals, and the song bounces along with disco goodness. My favorite track of his is also the first I ever heard: It’s Love is an uplifting dance floor slayer. A solid 4/4 bass beat and slick little vocal sample make this one of those simple, yet epic tracks. In the same vein, What Am I Supposed To Do continues to slay the dancefloor with funky slap bass line. By the way, I’ll take this moment to mention that Treasure Fingers is playing Lipgloss in Denver Friday night, I highly recommend you attend. This weekend is chalk-full of disco for Denver with Fred Falke playing Saturday as well…. But I digress, on to more music! A while back I went to see the Classixx. (it was epic) Treasure Fingers takes their hit I’ll Get You and adds his signature disco sound. The result is even more epic than the original, and I STILL like bass. 🙂 Lastly, I’ll include the newest track, a collab with Malente entitled Crusaders. SUPER stoked to be back in Denver, and SUPER stoked to party down with mah boys and girls this Friday to some Treasure Fingers!



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Chris White is a youngster from Hollywood with a SERIOUS sound. He covers the gamut of EDM bangers. From moomba to electro his remixes are clean cut and always go hard.  He transforms Knife Party’s hit Fire Hive into a groovy moombathon tune. The harshness of the original dubstep track is replaced with a bouncy moomba beat that does the emerging genre justice.  I am in love with Martin Solvieg’s Night Out, and the remixes keep pouring in! Whiiite cuts an epic electro house rework of this future classic. Did I forget Dubstep? Nope, Whiiite hits hard with his absolutely disgusting remix of Gemini’s Fire Inside. This grimy track gives off electro hints before dropping back into nasty dubstep. Best of all? These tracks are all available for free DL. His newest track is set to drop on beatport this month. It’s an electro remix of Australian duo Peking Duk’s brand new track I Love to Rap, and in case you havn’t heard the original, i’ll include it at the bottom. Its a great funkified electro hip hop track featuring Atlanta rapper Panama Black. Fellow Aussie Tommy Trash said it best: “Peking Duk tastes good, but it sounds even better!”



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