North Coast Music Festival 2012 – Review – Days 1 & 2


The North Coast Music Festival was held during labor day weekend, August 31st to September 2nd 2012.  This festival took place at Union Park in Chicago, Illinois. Below is a picture of the lineup, the main reason for us going:

Now personally, I’m not huge on some of the the big headliner’s here “Girl TalkSTS9Umphrey’s McGeeSteve AngelloAtmoshpere” I have seen most of them and was very unimpressed previously (Also love my electronic music).  However, I believe this is one of the main reasons I really enjoyed this festival.  This is because a lot of people are really into those “big names” and they played during the sets of my personal choices, taking a lot of people away from the stages I was at.  This created extra room and made for a great time as a lot of the people there were into the same type of music!  Also to compare to EDC, there were quite a few less artists that I wanted to see, which ended up being great because I saw almost all the acts I came for.  Where as at EDC I missed a ton of great acts, but it is only because their lineup is freaking absurd!

North Coast Music Festival: 

Alright so for day 1 I flew into Chicago Midway around 10:30am, extremely haggard as I went to Datsik in Denver the night before.  Datsik was a great show, played all new songs, which was nice because I had seen him at EDC and Red Rocks a few months earlier.  However, I wish he threw in a couple of those bad ass hits of his like his remix of Dada Life‘s “Kick Out the Epic Motherfucker” and maybe some more of his rap mixes.  The worst part was this giant beached whale taking up half the balcony, the guy literally brought a chair out so he could sit in the middle of dancing area and was obviously not into the music… Seriously though why would you go to a show you don’t even like, hell just leave if your not having fun.  I almost got into a fight with him as I was trying to get him to move by dancing all over his shit like a jackass so he’d get real uncomfortable.  He apparently didn’t enjoy that, so he tried to put me in a headlock and words were then exchanged…  Good thing I had some friends to break it up because I was pissed and he would have crushed me. It was definitely still fun and I was well seasoned that night.  Anyways, I had about 3 hours of sleep that night and wore the same clothes w/o showering because I almost missed my flight, sleeping through my alarm.

I finally get to Chicago, riding super dirty, took the train from the airport and met up with my friends at the hotel.  We stayed at a pretty nice place in the theater district called the Allegro.  This hotel actually ended up being a great spot as it was in the heart of the city, walking distance to the House of Blues and even club MID, and a 10 minute train ride to Union Park, where North Coast Music Festival was being held.  We first went to go grab some food after checking in and on the way back to the hotel we witnessed one of the most shockingly hilarious actions.  Mind you the city is packed because its about noon on Friday, everyone is working, tons of cars, and tons of people on the streets.  There was a bum that literally whipped it out in the middle of the street, taking up one lane, and just started pissing in front of everyone lol.  There were a few screams from various women and a ton of laughter from ourselves.  Most surprising is the dude didn’t even get arrested or anything, cops were nearby and I’m sure they noticed, but my guess is they didn’t want to touch that filthy bum with their hands so they just let it slide.

Artists for day 1: Midnight ConspiracyMord FustangKnife PartyAxwell, and Midnight Conspiracy (After Party)

Just a heads up, the audio isn’t the best on these videos, but I did select the best ones on you tube and thought it would be a nice touch!

Midnight Conspiracy – These guys were great! They played a heavy dub set, which was expected and they raged it!  It did feel a little out of place, for myself, as it was still mid day and we were raging to dubstep.  That was a first for me, but definitely still had a great time!  There were a lot of people for this one as they are locals and awesome! They got really into their set and made it a great show, even doing some crowd surfing towards the end!  Not to mention they dropped an awesome Pink Floyd remix! I give them a (7/10) for this performance.  I believe the video below is from 2011 as they are playing at night, either way should give you a good feel for them!

Mord Fustang – One word, ferocious! This was the first time seeing Mord and expectations were high, very high.  Mord came out hot and never let down the throttle making for one of the best sets seen for this day!  Blowing up the crowd with the likes of SUPER FEVER this young dj showed us some unique dj skills and is definitely worth a look!  He is playing at Beta night club in Denver this upcoming Thursday 9-27-12, which should make for an excellent environment for his type of music! I give him an (9/10)!  The video below has clips of all day on friday, but plays Fustang’s song and is mostly at his set. go pro ftw!

Knife Party – These guys played a pretty similar set to their EDC Vegas set.  The only difference I noticed was that they closed their set with the new Skrillex remix of Birdy Nam Nam.  I love their songs so it was definitely still fun to watch, but considering how big they are I have huge expectations for them.  They need to start getting some fresh sets in there and have some fun with it!  Considering their set was a generic set from them and nothing new or special I’ll have to give them a (7/10).

Axwell – Slayed my face!  Without a doubt the best set of the night and definitely up there on my best sets list!  He is the true skill and talent that is behind Swedish House Mafia and it definitely shows!  I had never seen SHM and was a little disappointed when I found out they broke up and were now very unlikely to tour again.  After hearing their recorded Creamsfield set I had always hoped of seeing SHM, but Axwell definitely gave me that SHM fix!  He played a lot of his original songs, some SHM, and threw down an all around epic set! Got the crowd real into it and there was never a dull moment in that one hour set!  Even though he is pretty big I may have to do a post on him just cause!  I give this man a (10/10).

Midnight Conspiracy @ The House of Blues –  This show was a ton of fun! The house of blues is an amazing venue towering 3  stories high, keeping the dance floor ceiling clear with balconies on the sides of the above floors.  Midnight Conspiracy brought their light show, which was awesome as well, with tons of lazers and their signature triangular eye set up!  Unfortunately they did play the same set here as they did earlier when we saw them at the festival. However, they had a 2 hour set versus their 1 hour set at the festival so only the first hour was redundant.  They slayed it the second hour throwing in new remixes and even some drum and bass.  If we hadn’t seen their set earlier in the day, then this would’ve easily rivaled Axwell for best set of the day.  I give them a (8/10) for their house of blues show!  Below is a video of their live show followed by a couple of pics from the house of blues. The pictures are from the 2nd night after party show, so not Midnight Conspiracy‘s show, but I just wanted to show you how cool that venue is!

Artists for Day 2:  Felix Da HousecatYACHTExcisionThe RaptureTommy TrashSaborZebo, and Alesso (After Party)

Felix Da Housecat – We came in late to his set and maybe saw 10 minutes of it.  I can’t give an official review of his set, but I can say that I was bummed we missed out.  The last 10 minutes were great and he was killing it at the end.  If this was any indication on how his whole set was, then it would have been a great one! Forewarning the Audio is a little rough on this one.

YACHT – Played great!  They are a live band and were a different feel than the average set that I typically watch and enjoy.  However, they played a lot of familiar songs and are a very good band!  They were getting real into it and had some epic microphone skills, throwing the mic all over the place and bringing it back.  I had never seen them before and didn’t realize how many hit songs they had that I was familiar with!  Was very fun and somewhat new for me!  I give the talented indie band a (7/10).

Excision – Played a good set.  Once again though, dubstep during the day…dont know why but it seems to bother me a bit lol.  His set seemed very similar to the set I saw at EDC and I wasn’t quite ready to get extreme with excision.  He dropped an awesome remix of Rage Against the Machine, as he did at EDC, which once again was my favorite song! Though along with that came his classic Dumbo song ,which I personally can’t stand and is another indication of playing a very simlar set to EDC Vegas.  Don’t get me wrong, this man slays it, I just wanted to hear some new shit! (7/10)

The Rapture – This was a solid set.  We were just chilling on the grass for this one and it was perfect for our mood.  Once again I’m a techno kid at heart and this is not my typical music, however, it was very nice and relaxing!  I enjoyed their music as it gave me a rest from my typical rager set. Can’t say too much about the music they played as I am not very familiar with their songs, all i know is that I liked it. (7/10)

Tommy Trash – Freaking Awesome!  Absolutely loved his set, I had been waiting to see Tommy for awhile now as he has some epic house tracks!  We were up close and personal for this one, only thing that sucked was these dumb 16 year old kids trying to mosh out to his set.  They kept making a giant circle near the very front pushing everyone next to them to the sides and then moshing out whenever they heard a drop.  I was one of the people right next to them and they kept pushing me, thankfully they were only 16 and I could effortlessly throw them into the mosh pit that they themselves created.  This was slightly annoying as they deterred all the hot girls from the area.  Also this is not your typical music to mosh out to, it gets a little intense, but it’s not even dubstep… Either way the set was amazing and Mr. Trash man threw down an epic set, making it my favorite on the day! (10/10)  Great video found on youtube BTW, deff check that one out!

Sabor – Great set!  We had a little down time after Trash as we wanted to check out Zebo later and did not want to ruin our after party by seeing Alesso twice in the same day as we kind of screwed that up with Midnight Conspiracy.  So to kill time we decided to check out the silent disco because it looked new and fun.  They give you these head sets which have two channels on them as there are two dj’s playing at the same time, on the same stage, right next to eachother.  You can easily toggle between the two and see who you would rather get down to.  I was a little hesitant at first as there weren’t many people and I knew no one playing on this stage, however, it turned out much better than expected.  Sabor really threw down some epic disco tunes and we ended up staying there for almost an hour!  These guys really surprised me and if I happen to see their name on a Denver show you can bet I’ll be there! (8/10)  Below is a picture of the silent disco so you can get a feel for what it may have been like.

Zebo – Started off hot, then cooled down in a bad way.  I was expecting to hear some disco/funk from this man as I did a post on him awhile back and my favorite songs of his were of this genre.  He turned up the energy on this one and played a complete Trap set, which is most of his new music.  I really enjoyed the first half of it as he brought in some filthy remixes and got straight dirty.  However, the back half of his set turned sour as he played some repetitive, crappy songs.  I mean I’m not huge into trap music so that could be some of it, but I definitely enjoyed the first half.  Gotta give him a (6/10) as I was slightly disappointed.

Alesso @ theMID – Amazing!  I saw Alesso at EDC Las Vegas and had a blast! This guy absolutely slays it!  He played for at least 3 hours at club MID and always kept the energy high, throwing down some of his epic remixes such as REM‘s “Losing My Religion” !  Now my only complaint about this show was the venue, believe it or not, theMID is a terrible club when they sell out shows.  It was more packed than any other show I have EVER been to.  Literally pressed up against people on all sides, this got a little disgusting with everyone sweating all over you.  After the first hour it calmed down a bit and I was able to move closer and gain enough room to at least dance, but yea I couldn’t even dance for the first hour of his set, that’s how crowded it was.  Beta (theMID’s sister club, developed by the same people) is way better, I now feel lucky to have club beta right here in downtown Denver.  The fog machine at theMID was also shooting chunks of shit out while fogging up the room, I literally caught one of these in my mouth and almost threw up >.< Honestly I have no intentions of ever going back to theMID unless they have an unkown dj playing that I know is good :).  The House of Blues blows this venue out of the water and so does club Beta in Denver.  Not to mention the sound wasn’t even that good, I could hear myself talking at a slightly higher than normal volume.  Very disappointed in theMID, however, Alesso did throw down an epic set and I just wish I was at a different venue so I could truly enjoy it!  I give the overall experience, theMID & Alesso, a (5/10) only because Alesso Slayed it!

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