EDC Las Vegas [2012] – Review 2 of 2

Day 3:

For the third day of the show I saw Dennis Ferrer, Joris Voorn & Nic Fancuilli, Ed Rush & Optical, Loadstar, Delta Heavy, UmekNoisia and Camo & Krooked.

Dennis Ferrer – Played a decent set (6/10).  Not to be confused with tennis star David Ferrer (Im probably the only one who would confuse the two, maybe brothers??).  This one is a little hard for me as it was first set, it was still daylight at this point.  I remember this one girl, Roxy, talking shit for about the first 5 minutes.  After that, Roxy couldn’t stop talking about how much fun this music was to dance to!  Its important to stay open to all types of music because if you don’t, you will definitely miss out on some epic shit! (*cough *cough Nick *cough new disco).

Joris Voorn & Nic Fancuilli – Played a great set (8/10).  I really enjoyed their set, these guys got down & dirty with their original techno beats!  It was still light out and not too big of a crowd, but that didn’t phase these two.  Bringing in some minimal heat, these guys were perfect to get the night started off right!

Ed Rush & Optical – Played a good set (6/10).  I was looking forward to these guys as I need my drum&bass fix, but I was haunted by an awful MC for their set :(.  Without the MC I would grade these guys much higher as they threw down some filthy DnB!  However, the MC was there, ruining sets like a pro…

Loadstar – Played an amazing set (9/10).  These guys got screwed big time by having our all time favorite MC Dino sing over their tracks.  Even with the worst MC ,possibly, ever, Loadstar absolutely killed it!  This speaks volumes for their skill as they can throw down heavy even with a shit MC.  I was absolutely blown away by Loadstar. I barely knew who they were before hand and they played one of the best sets at this festival!

Delta Heavy – Played a great set (8/10).  Finally No MC at the bassPOD!  Delta Heavy crushed it!  I hadn’t seen nor heard their music before the show so I was in for one hell of a surprise!  These guys were straight filth, mixing in some heavy dubstep perfectly with the DnB! I definitely remember them dropping their hit single “Get By”, which still gives me goosebumps when I listen to it.  Definitely a pleasant surprise Delta Heavy was absolutely up there as one of my favorites for EDC!

Umek – Played a great set (8/10).  We had to take a break from the bassPOD, as we were raging a couple hours of heavy DnB.  We decided to switch it up and hit up the techno stage, which was also the only stage on the grass (clutch!).  I was planning on sitting on the grass and resting my legs for the rest of the night, but this one fool UMEK, ruined my plans as he kept dropping heat!  So, there I was, dancing for another hour, getting down to the dirty sounds of UMEK!

Noisia – Played a mediocre set (5/10).  We ended up coming back to see the end of Dirtyphonics, but probably only caught 10 minutes.  We had seen Dirtyphonics twice in Denver a couple months before this and they definitely put on a great show, but given all the other artists to see, we had to make some sacrifices.  Noisia was definitely a little rough for me.  Their set seemed very jagged, not clean at all, which does go with their sound.  However, I wasn’t feeling it and  I was extremely eager to see Camo & Krooked.  I listened to a few of their songs afterwards and it seems that is just their style.   So if you enjoy their music, I’m sure you would love them in concert.

Camo & Krooked – Played my favorite set (10/10).  I’m sure my words won’t do this justice, but this set blew every other set out of the water!  By far my favorite set at EDC and definitely my favorite set of all time (thus far).  I was pumped to see these guys the second I saw them on the EDC flier. I knew that no matter who else was playing during their set, I was going to see them, period.  Drum and Bass is probably my favorite type of techno music and  Camo & Krooked know how to do it up right!  They have some of my most favorite tracks of all time, they do a lot of work with one of my favorite singers Ayah Marar, and they absolutely slay it in concert!!  Camo & Krooked have a ton of energy, they really pump the crowd up and make for an amazing live set!  Throwing an epic AC/DC thunderstruck remix, these guys had plenty of unheard tracks for their set.  They did throw in some of their older songs, but still found ways to make them different.   If you like DnB music and you have a chance to see these guys, I highly recommend you do so!

Here is a link to a small clip of Camo & Krooked’s EDC Las Vegas 2012 Set, via their facebook page:


Getting out of EDC:

Leaving EDC can definitely be a giant pain in the ass, if you don’t know what you are doing (AKA me the first night lol).  I would definitely recommend the shuttle for exiting the festival as the taxi/limo lines are enormous and my friends who didn’t have the shuttle usually got back a good 2 to 3 hours after I did.  So on the first night I stayed until about 5AM or so and found a massive line for the shuttle for our hotel >.<, but not to worry we went with the shortest line (HardRock Hotel) and planned on taking a cab from there.  Great idea actually, we got on the bus in like 5 minutes and ended up just walking about 20 minutes to the MGM from HardRock hotel.  The best part of my days were the pool at MGM.  The pools here are awesome and if you get a good spot you can hear everything at club Wet Republic for free!  No better way to rest your legs than working on your tan with ice cold beers and not to mention being surrounded by beatiful booties! If you are still in the raging mood after partying all night I would definitely recommend hitting up the Spearmint Rhino Gentleman’s Club!  This place is a lot of fun when its hopping, plenty of girls for everyone, great looking girls, and even some female customers having a hilariously awesome time!  The girls here are much more generous than your average strip club.  If you get a lap dance they usually let you grab wherever you would like, depending on how much money you are willing to spend.  If money and filthiness is not an issue for you, I have heard you can brothel it up, if you’d like…  We also hit up the oxygen bar in the Excalibur afterwards, and this was surprisingly refreshing and fun!  We were even able to hit up the HangoverHeaven to get one of our friends the treatment, which he loved!  One thing we did miss out on was the firing range.  There are a couple of places in the desert where you can shoot military weapons, which seems extremely fun!

This is my personal review and is completely my own opinion, I know some of the other admins disagree on how certain sets went.

Maybe one day the other admins will write about their EDC experiences (doubtful)…


One thought on “EDC Las Vegas [2012] – Review 2 of 2

  1. It’s one persons opinion, sorry you don’t agree. Maybe if you could elaborate on what “bullshit” you are talking about we could at least get some constructive criticism. However, it sounds like you are an un-educated pile of garbage and couldn’t put two sentences together if your life depended on it. Eat a dick “big mike”.

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