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Gizmo Tape – Vol. 3 – Electro Swing

Decided to change it up a little with this one and rock some electro swing! Hope you enjoy.


Gizmo Tape – Vol. 2 – Drumstep and DnB

My second NastyTrack mix!  This features a lot of songs reviewed on NastyTrack and a ton of my favorite Drumstep songs.  This is more of a mini-mix since it packs 18 tracks into only 34 minutes.  I’m very happy with my transitions in this one and I got it the way I wanted it on only my 3rd try.  I have uploaded the soundcloud version, which has a free download, and the mixcloud which is timestamped and has the tracklisting.  Comments definitely appreciated!

Mixcloud with tracklisting

Gizmo Tape – Vol. 1 – Crunchy/ Glitch House

My first mix for NastyTrack and it is definitely nasty.  This mix features songs and remixes by Nero, Datsik, Knife Party, Justice, and more!  Technically, this is one of my better mixes due to the smooth transitions, kick ass music selection, and a good variation of genres/beats that I honestly think people will like.  Like and share if you enjoy!


Ah! My Widget path got messed up! Working on fixing it soon.  Until then just click the links below

Gizmo – – June Electro Mix by Gizmonastytrack on Mixcloud

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