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Some new exciting underground music for you guys today! Coming out of Korea this cat is virtually UNKNOWN and is blowing up in a BIG way. His classical training at the Berklee college of music really shines through in this masterpiece. Psy’s Gangnam Style is a work of modern art, brought on entirely by Park Jae-san’s genius. His intimate musical understanding is unrivaled in today’s world of generic pop songs. Psy represents the quintessential musical prodigy, and this shines through with Gangnam Style. The music video tells a chilling tale, of a young boy growing up in Korea’s harsh social climate. One disturbing elevator scene brought tears to my eyes upon realizing its intense allegorical undertones. Psy uses such devices to weave his tale of hardship and perseverance throughout this complex track. By the end, one has a positive feeling of hope and a warm heart in knowing that the social classes of Korea will one day unite, unleashing a tidal wave of utter bliss through the land.



On a more serious note, Candyland plays Cervantes tonight, and if they play this…. I’ll die.

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Taylor Wilkinson, AKA Rostik, is an English DJ/Producer who displays great versatility in his productions and remixes.  For example he has a great remix of Nesta Rae‘s “Stay“, an acoustic pop song which I typically don’t fancy, but this one is very clean, calm and soothing! Plus this one takes a step away from our typical electronic genres, bringing something new to the table!  Jumping right back into some heavy electronica music, Rostik‘s “One Shot Bangarang” is a filthy track that shows his dj skills as he mixes Feed Me‘s “One Shot Headshot” and Skrillex‘s “Bangarang” !  Next is a song that I previously posted a remix of by RoXa, “Legends” an original by Rostik.  This drum and bass song is very smooth and provides that nice liquidity!  Jordigan, Rostik, and Wespeakprose came together to create “Rome” a surprisingly great moombahton track with some epicness mixed within! Next is a remix of Sub Focus‘ “Falling Down“, a ferocious original, this remix does it justice by re-hashing the underlying beat and creating a whole new sound!  Last is another remix, this one of Corinthian‘s “Shot Down” a song that i was going to exclude because I typically don’t put up six songs, but after re-listening to it I had to keep it in!  A great mix of reggae and dubstep!


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