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Two Door Cinema Club

two door cinema club

Kevin Baird, Alex Trimble, and Sam Halliday have been creating some awesome songs in the past couple years.  Hailing from Northern Ireland they go by Two Door Cinema Club.  Taking a step back from the EDM scene we bring you a band, like many others, who are responsible for making the EDM scene what it is today.  Without traditional bands, singers, and artists we would not have some of my most favorite electronic remixes, collabs, and productions.  These guys came out with their debut album in 2010 and have made quite a few gems since.  Probably my favorite song at this point in time was first heard in The Magician‘s mix, Magic Tape 28, which is an Alex Metric remix of “Sun“.  I know there are those out there who aren’t that into the “indie/hipster” scene or music, but honestly give this one a listen!  I definitely have a soft spot for some great vocals and piano, whether it maybe chill nu disco, house, or dnb.  Moulinex has a great take on “I Can Talk” electrifying the original with a great beat.  “What You Know” is an excellent original from the group showing off their great guitar skills and catchy vocals.  The Twelves do some justice remixing their original “Something Good Can Work”  being an excellent group themselves out of Brazil.  Ames and I were able to see The Twelves a few months ago here in Denver and they played an awesome show down at the Marquis!  Enjoy the super chilled out sounds from this Irish indie group and the wonderful remixes!  Gotta switch it up every once in awhile.


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Coming from the land down under, Flume, has been producing music since the age of 13.  Yea that’s right 13, the kid began his musical obsession with a production program found in a cereal box.  ‘Sleepless’ was his very first EP and damn is it good. I would be surprised if you haven’t heard his first and most famous track from the EP, but just in case I took the liberty of posting it “Sleepless” featuring Jezzabell Doran.  After his first EP, Flume began working on the remix of New Navy‘s anthem “Zimbabwe“, which landed him Triple J’s February mix up exclusive resident.  You can find the music video for the wonderful remix at the bottom of this post.  Flume is now in high demand playing festivals and shows all over Australia along with working on a new album release.  “On Top” featuring T.Shirt (great name by the way) is a super chill track with some great vocals giving it more of a hip hop feel.  “Holding On”  is truly an awesome production that brings in some high quality soul.  “I Met You” a collaboration done with Anna Lunoe,  is once again an excellent song, keeping a chill tempo with some beautiful vocals.  Ames also posted a couple of great songs from the man himself awhile back under the Future Classic post (Flume‘s Label), which can be found here.  Sit back, relax and chill out to some epic tunes!


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Punks Jump Up

Joe Attard and David Andersson combine to form the electro disco group Punks Jump Up. The duo have been cranking out their brand of indie and nu disco like it’s their job, and I suppose it kind of is….  They got started on Kitsune with tunes like Dance To Our Disco. This fun track has just enough disco jam to compliment the fast paced indie rock mainline. It’s a sweet song that manages to incorporate the best of multiple genres, and just plain feels good! A similar feel can be found in their remix of Peter Bjorn, and John’s smash hit Young Folks. A good remix has to maintain the core of the original, while giving the track a fresh coat of different colored paint. This does just that, and sounds good. The flip side of their sound is a electrified nu disco with a pinch of the 80’s.  This is most effectively demonstrated in tracks like Mr. Overtime, my personal favorite PJU song. Gigamesh has the best remix, so i’ll include his version. The track features Chromeo’s own vocalist Dave, and drives forward with electro disco madness. I am in love with this track, I thought it would grow old after many repeats, but this one is in my crate for good. Their remix of Juicy Lucy, a new Jupiter tune, has a similar bouncing 80’s synth sound. This one plods along a bit more in line with modern nu disco, but PJU’s signature retro sound is ever-present. The same is true for the rework of  Moonlight Matters Come For Me.



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