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Cry Wolf

Every once in awhile someone comes along and rocks a new “style” of dubstep/electro that’s unique and done well.  When this happens I get super excited.  It shows that the genre isn’t stagnating and still has a lot of room for growth.  Not only does Cry Wolf sport a unique style, but they also have awesome song progressions.  Different elements are introduced as the song goes on and unexpected riffs, melodies, and sounds emerge.  Though the majority of Cry Wolf’s songs are remixes, they are not your typical cookie cutter songs, but mixes that bring a new feel to the song while still staying true to the original.  Their remix of Adventure Club’s Need Your Heart, is the reason I started exploring Cry Wolf’s soundcloud and I am so glad I did.  It’s rare that I find so many good songs by a single group.  This song features a seriously funky bassline that drops into an electro house anthem that does not disappoint.  This next one is for the ladies, some Sexy Back action.  A darker and heavier take on the original, this is some JT I can get down to. I love the drum beat in Get Free.  You’ll definitely  recognize the vocals in this remix.  You Make Me Like Charity is another song killing it on the drum beat. This song has some serious flow to it.  Though sometimes I think that vocals are a little much at times, they go surprisingly well with the rest of the song.


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Guest Tracks: Caine

Guest post of the week thanks to Caine!

Us Against Ourselves is a massive group from Colorado that often gives dubheads their fix of bass with a new-age yet quaint delivery. The group’s remix of Lasting Light is no exception. They combine the soothing and edgy vocals of Emma Hewitt with an intricate bassline to yield an entrancing production. As if to meet its polar opposite, Twitch produces an electrifying remix of Kaskade & Adam K’s track Raining. Using the melodious vocals of Sunsun to lull its listeners into a false sense of security, Twitch provides a remarkably thunderous bassline. From sweet to sweetly unique, Aixe, an Australian producer, meshes the oddities of the synth world to form his own particular sound. The appropriately titled Sky Feeling gives one just that, a gravity-defying tune that glides into the ears of the listener.

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Birdy Nam Nam

Last week, Skrillex posted on his facebook wall “I Played with these guys in Strasbourg France and I’ve NEVER seen a more impressive and musical Technically LIVE dj set …” The American dubstep mega producer then proceeded to remix Nam Nam’s track Goin’ In not once, but TWICE. The first is an absolute BANGER and despite my tendancy towards Skrilly hate, I am in love with this track. It goes hard. The second is a more subtle take, and reveals a downtempo moomba’ish look at the track. I prefer the harder version, and I have to say I definitely respect Sonny’s ability to put out two top quality remixes of an obscure track in just a few days. Birdy Nam Nam just released their newest EP yesterday, and there are some cool tracks on it for sure! The title track Jaded Future is the highlight for me, it houses dark hip hop vibes amid a complex electronic beat. It’s really catchy, and reminds me of a Sunday convertible cruise ’round the hood. Lastly, this post wouldn’t be complete without a showcase of the mind boggling live show spoke of by Mr. Skrill. The video from Main Square Festival showcases the French quartet’s performance of Trans Boulogne Express live. The turntable trade off solo is a showing of truly EPIC musical talent.



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