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Sound Nomaden


More electro swing! Am I going to make a big deal about it every time I do an electro swing post? Yes, yes I am. I really want this genre to get more popular because I think it has some serious potential and more popularity means a wider range of producer styles. Though I think that a lot of the songs sound similar, the genre is still fairly young, there’s a few that really shine through and I want more! Sound Nomaden comes out of Germany and from what I’ve seen, they’ve got a pretty good electro swing scene out there and he’s put out some great jams while being rated 2012’s “Best electro swing DJ live act.”

The Trumpet is Sound Nomaden’s most popular song and was a big hit on the Electro Swing Revolution compilation cd. It features a funky bass line and a swanky trumpet over the track. Though sometimes I get a little sick of the trumpet over every track, this one does it right. I Dance Charleston is a chiller track and you can’t help but feel happy when you listen to it. You Gotta Hurry is an original track with a really nice piano riff to it. I wonder how much Sound Nomaden samples in his songs and how much is his original work. If he did the trumpet and piano in all these songs that would be amazing. I probably should figure that out… I love the old school vocals in the remix of Honolulu Baby. It sounds like he got them right off a vinyl record. Changing it up from all the trumpet features, Akkordeon Hipsters features an accordion more heavily and it works great!


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Bringing it back to some electro swing! This extremely-sub genre of EDM has a very loyal following and a solid community that keeps it strong. Though I think there a few too many remixes of old swing songs where they simply add a house beat to it and glitch out the rhythm/vocals a little bit, there are a few people who are creating some nice original tracks (check out my post on Parov Stelar for some good examples). Odjbox is one of those people and he has been rocking tracks for a few years now. Coming out of the UK, where it seems much of this genre is originating, Odjbox releases almost all his tracks for free download – another plus.

Three of these tracks – Teresina, Birmingham, and Xavier pt 1, are off the EP “Cotton to Fabric.” This EP has a great vibe to it with a strong swing rhythm and subtle electro undertones. The most popular song, Birmingham, has over 67,000 plays! Xavier pt 1 has a great upbeat beat to it and almost feels deep house-y. The remix of Little Violet’s Don’t Stop, has a stronger electro backing to it and is definitely a jam. Don’t Get Me Wrong is also another solid track with that great old school swing vibe!


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From Britain comes donJohnston – rocking some sweet electro swing beats. Because he is relatively unknown, it was hard to find any background information on him, but donJohnston has been putting out beats for about 2 years and rocks a pretty solid show and music festival schedule. Awhile ago I posted on Parov Stelarso this is my continuation of the electro swing genre.

This first song September is what I truly hope donJohnston will keep striving to in his future productions. This song has a sweet glitch hop feel to it with a real nice old timey swing style. Next up Anagram. a good combination of swing with a house beat behind it. I love the feel good vibe in this one. Finally donJohnston does a good house swing edit of one of the greater guitarists – Django Reinhardt in  Minor Swing. I have just begun my search into the electro swing genre and have a lot more in store so stay tuned! I’m really digging the stuff that leans mostly to the electro side with hints of swing (like the first song) and the artists I select in the future will reflect this.

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