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Bag Raiders


So it’s been a while…. Figured I’d do a classic post, on a classic group, with a CLASSIC song. What better choice than Australian synth electro masters: The Bag Raiders. I was reminded of this duo when they released a new mix last week (grab it here), and, much to my surprise we’ve never done a post on them!?! Their hit Shooting Stars took the electro world by storm like 3 years ago, and it still sounds fresh today. I forgot how much I love this track! A similar feel is found with their other EPIC hit Not Over. I love the 80’s pop synth sound these guys bang with, and this song is further proof that synth pop is AWESOME. They can pull off the obligatory indie remix as well. Check out their funky rework of Cut Copy’s Far Away. Lastly, I Won’t Let Go is a great deep house track that takes an awesome disco vibe towards the end.



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Jacques Lu Cont

Stuart Price is an electronic musician, record producer, and songwriter who has more alias’ than Jason Bourne.  He plays under the following names/acts: Les Rythmes Digitales, Zoot Woman, Paper Faces, Adrien Brody, Man with Guitar, Thin White Duke, Jacques Lu Cont, Pour Homme, S.D.P., and Crystal Pepsi.  Price’s alias’ “Les Rythmes Digitales” and “Jacques Lu Cont” were initially made as a reference to the surge of French House in the United Kingdom during the 80’s and 90’s.  He even conducted some interviews with British journalists in French using an interpreter, even though he himself is British and grew up in Reading, England.  Price has co-written and produced numerous songs for popular artists including Madonna and The Killers.  Price began collaborating with Madonna as musical director for her 2001 Drown World Tour and later reprised his role for her 2004 Re-Invention World Tour and her 2006 Confessions Tour.  He has created numerous remixes for her albums as well as a few tracks and he co-wrote the song “X-Static Process” in Madonna‘s 2003 album American Life.  His work with The Killers began with a remix of their hit single “Mr. Brightside” and after a few more remixes he began producing tracks for them.  Price also worked with The Killers vocalist, Brandon Flowers, on his debut solo album, Flamingo, producing most of the songs.  Price was the album producer on Seal‘s fifth studio album, System, co-writing several of the songs.  He also is the executive producer for Kylie Minogue‘s 11th studio album, Aphrodite.  Price has had a ton of other production work as well and was even asked to create a theme song for the London Olympic Games.  Last thing to mention on his background is that he is the proud winner of 3 Grammy Awards! 1st was for his remix of No Doubt‘s “It’s My Life” (Thin White Duke, 2004), second for his remix of Coldplay‘s “Talk” (Thin White Duke, 2006), and his third was won for Best Electronic / Dance Album on Madonna‘s Confessions on a Dance Floor (2007).  He likes to keep the original vocal arrangement of songs and re-contextualize the lyrical content when creating his remixes.  I’m not even going to try to delve into all the remixes he has done for countless artists: Katy Perry, Miike Snow, and U2 to name a few more.

Stuart Price has quite the background and it’s astonishing that he still has the time to produce his own songs.  We are going to take a look at a few of his newer productions under the alias Jacques Lu Cont.  These are all from his soundcloud profile “TRACQUES” and fall under the electronic genre.  His remix of Coldplay‘s “Charlie Brown” starts out a little rough, but after the first minute or so it drops into a blissful electronic beat and brings the vocals in at the most opportune times.  “In the Night” a production he made under the Bromance Records label is an awesome song with a dirty funk beat making me wish I had more to offer than just the preview. “Underground” is another self produced song that kills it! Bringing a straight dirty techno beat to the table and making a nasty song out of it!  His remix of Miike Snow‘s “Paddling Out” is a great electronic fusion of the original, keeping a lot of the vocals and bringing in a nice melodic beat of his own!  Last track up is “Church” a self produced song with the funkiest beat of them all!  Mr. Price recently did an essential mix a couple months ago along with announcing that he is working on a new album!  The alias for the new album is still up in the air, but you can find his essential mix on our dedicated page, here!

Ermagerd Big Mac!


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Born in Evanston, Illinois Ryan Raddon began honing his DJ skills in the dorm room while attending college at BYU.  Yea that’s right Kaskade went to Brigham Young University, the one and only, and I’m sure he had plenty of time to hone those skills in the dorms with limited female contact and strict no party rules.  After his freshman year at BYU he served a two year mission to Japan for the Church of Latter-Day Saints, coming back he finished school at the University of Utah, BYU probably expelled him for playing techno music in the dorms… When attending University of Utah, Ryan owned and operated a local record store by the name of Mechanized Records. In the year 2000 Kaskade moved to San Francisco to become an A&R assistant for Om Records and shortly after began producing his own.  What the hell is an A&R assistant you might ask? Well its an Artists and Repertoire assistant, who helps the record label with talent scouting and overseeing the artistic development of recording artists.  Kaskade is arguably one of America’s best producers and has done some solid work with another American great Skrillex.  I have seen Kaskade live twice, first saw him at EDC Vegas, which is where the pic above is from and then again at Red Rocks! I did a post a little while back on Alvin Risk who opened for his Red Rocks show, which was amazing with light rain, epic music, and the beautiful scenery!!  Kaskade‘s remix of Little Boot‘s “Remedy” is one of my favorites, I absolutely love Little Boots, she has some great songs and a great voice!  His remix of Justin Timberlake‘s “Lovestoned” is another great song with a very fun poppy beat along with Justin’s beautiful voice, lol, gotta love the JT.  Next is Kaskade and Skrillex‘s collaboration “Lick it” a filthy song with two very different taste’s going into it.  Ames posted a great remix of the song by 3lau awhile back found here.  Last soundcloud posted is a remix of Katy Perry‘s “Wide Awake“, which is actually a pretty nasty mix bringing in some heat to that original pop.  His music video of “Turn it Down” with Rebecca & Fiona is an awesome song with a pretty cool video, I really like the black light makeup the girls have!


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