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Shreddie Mercury

Jonathan Kane is an american DJ/producer out of Columbia who goes by stage name, Shreddie Mercury.  This man doesn’t have much info on the interwebz so background info is quite limited.  None the less, Shreddie kills it with his unique sound and great remixes!  His remix of Chromeo‘s “Night by Night” is awesome as it mixes in some filthy electro beats to the already great vocals.  Shreddie Merc’s remix of Childish Gambino‘s “Heartbeat” is a great take on the original as it provides a nasty, glitchy electro beat.  His remix of Phoenix‘s “1901” is amazing as he does a great job electrifying the original, which is also a great track! Another ferocious remix, Kylie Minogue‘s “Get Outta My Way” gets shredded out, complimenting the vocals with a great underlying beat.  “W.E.B Du Bois 2 Men” is a wonderful production and was this man’s first upload to soundtrack!  Shreddie Merc is currently working on some new songs and has a great preview to one, recently uploaded to his soundcloud.  I apologize for the lack of luster in this post as I am not feeling it today and have become extremely unmotivated, thanks to another lovely, monotonous workday >.<

Shout out to Ames for killing it this saturday, who opened for Tom Edwards in Denver!


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Gustavo Rozenthal and Felipe Lozinsky are the DJ/producer duo that make up one of Brazil’s hottest, up and coming Electro House groups, Felguk! Hailing from Rio de Janeiro, they performed their first big event outside of their home country at Electric Daisy Carnival in 2010, where they also had their hit single on the official trailer!  Since then they have performed at notable big events such as Nocturnal Festival, EDC for a second time, and Tomorrowland!  They currently produce under their own label, Dongle Records, which they started last year in 2011.  Voted #87 in DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJ’s, Felguk has a ton of potential ahead of them!  “Plastic Smile”  featuring Example is definitely my favorite song of theirs! I absolutely love this ferocious track, it starts off right with some epic piano and gets heavy with an electro/dub synth beat, all of which is behind Example‘s filthy rap! If you have ever played the new SSX snowboarding video game, then you probably know this one!  “Side by Side” is a pretty sick track for theirs, bringing in some hot electro glitch sounds that make this one fun and unique!  Note that this includes the intro, hence the title “Side by Side + Intro” so it’s going to start off slow, just to let you know.  “BASSIVE” is a great heavy electro track that straight up thromps! Felguk vs Tim HealeyI’m So Happy”  is an electro take on Nirvana‘s original! This one bumps big and may sound familiar if you’ve listened to Gizmo‘s mix!  Lazy Rich‘s remix of Felguk original “Blow Out” is an awesome song showcasing some more heavy electro synth in such a good way!  Hopefully this can get us over yesterday’s debacle 🙂

GangNam Style, what the fuck is this shit >.<


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Helicopter Showdown

Coming out hot from the beautiful bay area, Helicopter Showdown is a four person production unit who has been raging the scene with their unique fusion of heavy dubstep and electro house.  Dubbed the “Wu-Tang” of dubstep, these guys have been killin it in the shores of San Fran and are now demanded all over the country!  Quickly ascending in the beatport charts, they have teamed up with close friend and collaborator Sluggo, who owns the UltraGore label. Gotta give a shout out to ma boi mike in cali who once again has brought this group to my attention! He and Max rock a blog as well called Neighbors Hate Us.  Now for the music: Helicopter Showdown‘s remix of Mt. Eden‘s “Bang” is straight nasty, comparable to the bum we saw pissing in a busy street right outside of my hotel in Chicago, mid day Friday, letting it all hang loose for everyone to see, that’s how nasty this song is! Now I apologize if you were trying to eat while reading that last sentence, it may have turned out a little like my early sunday morning.  Some bastard bar tender made my kamikaze with everclear instead of vodka as i preceded to cough up the shot out of my nose in front of some ladies I was trying to impress, followed by some late night spins after a little post gaming at home, puked and knocked my 40″ TV onto myself slicing the shit outta my leg :(….pueblo slopper status.  However, I still came out of the night with a number and great memory of the bad ass performance from Frederick Falke, who rocked out on the bass guitar while DJing, pretty fkn epic!  Now that I have completely gone off topic, bringing it back with Helicopter Showdown‘s “Nobody Loves No One” a great song starting off very calm and slow this drops into some filth.  This is a great example of the signature heavy dub / electro house concoction that these guys are so good at producing!  Their song “No Return” a collaboration with Kezwik featuring LaMeduza has a ferocious heavy synthed out beat that I cannot get enough of!  “Can You Feel Me” a production of their own, reminds me a little bit of skrilly with that quick and dirty dub sound, which then drops into some epicness at the end, making me wish I could get the full version of that song from the cloud.  Lastly we have Helicopter Showdown featuring MessinianGreat Escape” my favorite song of them all, this has some awesome vocals, great dubstep, and that dirty electro all coming together in such a great way!  Not only does Helicopter Showdown love riding into battle on their Nyan Unicorn, but they also love to make some kick ass music!


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