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Far Too Loud

Far Too Loud is a producer that knows how to put out fun songs with an awesome driving bass to them. Even though his songs have a heavy electro and dubstep feel, I can imagine myself doing my disco dance to these in a club. He does a great job at mixing multiple genres and styles into songs that simply work and sound great. Added to this, great song progression and diversity, you’ve got an artist with a ridiculous amount of bangers posted on his soundcloud. My one complaint is that it almost feels like he’s figured out his style too well. Many of his songs (the electro ones at least) sound similar to the one before it. Sometime I wasn’t even sure if I had clicked on the next song or just repeated the one I’d already heard. Don’t worry about this though, Far Too Loud brings it hard on every song he produces.


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Nothing better than dirt on a Monday morning, and it doesn’t get any dirtier than this! This Frenchy rocks quite possibly the grimiest synth i’ve ever heard. The raw saw-synth style reminds me of the older Benassi stuff combined with mau5’s patented clean synth style. My problem with mau5 and Benny is that they tend to produce 7-8 minute tracks that don’t really go anywhere, and beg for exciting remixes. Uppermost manages to keep it fresh and unexpected, case and point: his remix of Lemaitre’s Appreciate. He allows the original’s airy piano lines to shine through, while still layering a complex grind synth on top. This song rings in the style of Justice’s first album “Cross.” Now lets take a dive into some darker tracks. Grand Theft Amish 2012 is a raw ride into the complextro pit, and provides an example of his Benny-style grind beat melting faces. The second breakdown/drop in this track is beautifully crafted one, and invokes the anticipatory stress associated with the likes of Deadmau5. Born Limitless shows off an almost grunge rock ability. It begins with a funky riff, before opening up into an acid rock THROWDOWN. Lastly, witness Uppermost bring complextro CHAOS to Dada Life’s Happy Violence. As if the track wasn’t already dirty enough, the Frenchman applies a disgusting saw synth and filths it up to the Uppermost degree!



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