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EPIC PICTURE TIME! Damn, so many good releases this week I had a hard time picking who to do today. It was a toss up between two and I had to go with the man Rusko! Rusko basically defined the sound for an entire year for me. He was my first real introduction to dubstep (besides Skream’s essential mix) with two of the greatest jams of all time Woo Boost and Cockney Thug. If you haven’t heard these songs yet, I suggest you stop right now and listen to the sounds that practically defined a genre. This is some serious Elvis s**t. I don’t know why I blanked that out… Since these genre defining tracks though, what has the man been up to? Well, besides touring, getting married, and proudly sporting a serious drug and alcohol problem, Rusko has been making some jams! With a full length album released only a few months ago and this week’s release of the “Kapow EP,” there are many songs to choose from and they span a wide variety of styles and genres.

These first tracks are my favorite two of the new EP. Yeah combines multiple classic sounds. Bringing back the old school rave days and mixing it with the classic Rusko style. I’m glad to hear that he still has a recognizable, signature sound. The most popular of the EP is Like This, an electro/moombah song with a heavy bass backing to it. Definitely brings a funky beat with an upbeat ska synth in the background.

Now on to the the full length album “Songs.” I seriously LOVE old school reggae vocals which might be why I like Rusko so much. Roll Da Beats (Old School Edition) delivers with flair! Aptly titled, this song is some true old school. Mek More Green – more reggae vocals! Yes! More of an island Jamaican jam than dubstep, but I guess that’s what dubstep came from anyways so this is going back to the very roots. Somebody to Love rocks a dirty drop and if you haven’t heard Sub-Focus’ remix of this song, it’s another one you should check out. Finishing it off with Dirty Sexy, I could get down to this song. This sounds like a Benga track to me and I love it.


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Milo & Otis

Milo is one lucky cat. Hes got nine lives and a best friend. Wait…. Scratch that. Milo & Otis are two dudes from Afratca. One is a professional fake book writer and the other is a leprechaun farmer who’s a gambler. Together they RUNNN THE TRAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP. They first made their name in my mind a few months back with a DISGUSTING rework of Southern rapper Yung Joc’s classic: It’s Goin Down. I find this whole “TRVP” thing kind of ridiculous… that’s why I like these two, they seem willing to poke fun at themselves. And they are redditors, so i have to like ’em. They took arguably the cheesiest song in history and moombah’d it out. Yes I’m talking Wonderwall here…  They aren’t afraid to attack the big room either, Ambush seems a track built for a filthy packed warehouse, and sounds like a dirty dutch moomba anthem. It’s also proof that these two are capable of producing some unique and more complex vibes that cross genres nicely. The last two are the duo’s newest. Me Gusta is a grimy moombahton romp, with Thlack being a disgusting electro-trap ear rape.

PS – Yes I do own Milo & Otis on DVD, Yes I do force feed it to people, and Yes this usually takes place around 3:30.



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Taylor Wilkinson, AKA Rostik, is an English DJ/Producer who displays great versatility in his productions and remixes.  For example he has a great remix of Nesta Rae‘s “Stay“, an acoustic pop song which I typically don’t fancy, but this one is very clean, calm and soothing! Plus this one takes a step away from our typical electronic genres, bringing something new to the table!  Jumping right back into some heavy electronica music, Rostik‘s “One Shot Bangarang” is a filthy track that shows his dj skills as he mixes Feed Me‘s “One Shot Headshot” and Skrillex‘s “Bangarang” !  Next is a song that I previously posted a remix of by RoXa, “Legends” an original by Rostik.  This drum and bass song is very smooth and provides that nice liquidity!  Jordigan, Rostik, and Wespeakprose came together to create “Rome” a surprisingly great moombahton track with some epicness mixed within! Next is a remix of Sub Focus‘ “Falling Down“, a ferocious original, this remix does it justice by re-hashing the underlying beat and creating a whole new sound!  Last is another remix, this one of Corinthian‘s “Shot Down” a song that i was going to exclude because I typically don’t put up six songs, but after re-listening to it I had to keep it in!  A great mix of reggae and dubstep!


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