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Camo & Krooked

Coming out of Vienna Austria, Reinhard Rietsch and Markus Wagner are the epic duo that make up Camo and Krooked. Both of these guys started producing music back in 2002, but first began collaborating together in 2007 after Wagner approached Rietsch at one of his shows.  In 2010 they inevitably signed with the drum and bass dream team that is Hospital Records.  I believe my very first post was on these guys, however, that was at a time when I really had no idea what i was doing.  Not that I do now, but at least I can give that initial post some justice.  These guys popped onto my radar when they came out with that SSX snowboarding game earlier this year.  They made quite a few tracks for the game and ever since I have been raging their music. I was lucky enough to see them live at EDC Las Vegas and they were hands down my favorite set of that whole festival (here is a clip from their set).  Remixing songs they had never released such as ACDC‘s “Thunderstruck” and remixing their most popular songs as well, they kept the crowd raging and I almost died of exhaustion after their set (it was the 4th drum and bass set of the night).  If they ever come back to the states remember to hit them up as it is a rare occasion.  They have so many tracks that I love, it was very difficult to narrow it down. I selected an awesome lego music video from their homepage and was also able to find a small preview of that ACDC bootleg I mentioned previously.  If you enjoy the songs I posted below, be sure to check out their soundcloud and their youtube as all their work is damn good!


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Josh Gard began his musical career with hip hop, creating beats for many well-known rappers.  Being so involved with his work at the time, Josh never really looked forward to it as it became a “job” for him.  Josh eventually made the transition to electronic music when he played his first electronic set about six years ago, “I played hip hop for so long and I never realized Djing could be so fun. The difference is, at electronic shows kids go to lose their mind and have fun, and at hip hop shows kids go to bob their head and talk about how they remember when so and so was underground. But dont get me wrong, I love good hip hop.”. Gard, quoted above, had found his calling, something that he could truly be passionate about.  He has since been producing and djing under the name “Figure“, quickly ascending the EDM scene.  “The Brink” an original production from Figure, is a straight filthy track that forces your head to bang to the multi-layered, synthed out dub beat!  This is the song that motivated me to make this post and showcases his epic production skills.  His remix of TRiLLBASS & Geno Cochino‘s “U Can’t Fix” featuring Kelly McDaniel is very well done, with clean transitions from the vocals to the electronic beat, this one quickly became a favorite of mine.  Figure‘s collaboration with Gangsta Fun The Mummy” is a super fun track with some old school clips and a nasty beat! Even though this song can be somewhat repetitive, you gotta show some love for the holiday spirit!  This one is off of his “Monster’s Volume” which he seems to produce every year around Halloween, his new one is coming out tomorrow so get ready for the horror!  ER…MA….GERD  he did an electronic edit of wonderwall??!?!?! Who doesn’t love some good ‘ol wonderwall, ahahah one word, EPIC.  Figure‘s remix of Hirshee & Sue Cho‘s “Always Tomorrow” is a very NASTY track (so original), glitching out the original in this drumstep mix, he absolutely kills it!  Last up is a video of his recent performance at Cervantes about one month ago, just so we can relish in that of which we miss!  You can check out his full interview here.

Do exactly what you want to, how and when you want to. The last thing you need to do is listen to anyone else…don’t worry about labels or genres… just do you.” – Figure


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From Datsik’s record label Firepower Records, comes the next big EP from Terravita, the guys who brought us the serious bangers Up In The Club and the remix of Bassnectar’s Upside Down. Named “The Power of Fire,” this EP starts off with a serious rock anthem in true dubstep form. Throughout Well Oiled Machine, I could imagine the song being played by a heavy metal band. The riffs are heavy and the song is complex and non-repetitive. The heavy metal vibe continues throughout the whole album including the next song No Room, which also brings in some more hip hop-esque vocals. Motive Unnecessary gives us some nice drumstep to change up the tempo of the album but although I love to see Terravita changing it up throughout the album, This Time Its Personal seems to fall flat for me. The hip hop during the beginning and the vocals during the interlude, though they are trying to make a point (re the title of the track), detract from the song instead of adding to it. The finale on the EP also has a free download link off their facebook. Released only a month ago, metROIDS already has almost 20,000 plays and has been a big hit for many listeners.


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