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Drum and Bass. The only genre that I’m not feeling kinda burnt out on in EDM these days. Underground enough that everyone isn’t trying to do the same cookie cutter track as the next, but popular enough that it attracts some really amazing artists. I don’t know why there’s never really been a big Dnb scene here in the states but I’m super jealous of the UK. I follow a lot of Dnb artists and they are always posting some amazing shows that they’re playing over there. Especially Hospital Records. Damn, do they have some amazing talent and put on some truly epic shows. A recent signing to the legendary label is Keeno. With a background in classical music, this shows through in his tracks. He’s only 18… god damn. What was I doing when I was 18. Oh yeah, nothing.

I love the style of these tracks. Chill and soulful. A perfect match for Hospital Records. Need to Feel Loved is my favorite release of the whole year, although technically it was the end of December I didn’t find it until last week. The rest of these songs are also sweet. Get ready for some “orchestral sin-sations” hehe. Lords of Acid reference…


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Fred V & Grafix

Josh Jackson and Fred Vahrman are the fresh meat over at Hospital Records.  Recently signing, these two young producers have been working closely together for many years now and go by stage names Fred V and Grafix.  They hail from Exeter, Britain and were not initially into drum and bass. However, after listening to High Contrast‘s “High Society” and Pendulum‘s “Hold Your Colour” albums they quickly became converts.  Now the duo is producing some of the hottest liquid drum and bass to come out of Hospital Records since Netsky‘s new album.  “One of These Days” was one of their first big hits that initiated their claim to fame followed by their remix of Madeon’s “Icarus”, which is one of their newest releases on soundcloud.  Three more of my favorites from youtube, all of which demonstrate this duo’s production skills, showing massive potential!


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Matrix & Futurebound

When Matrix & Futurebound came together as a duo it was a pretty big deal. Both having impressive solo careers, when they merged in 2007 only good things were bound to come and the group has not failed to impress. As founders of the powerhouse drum n bass label Viper Recordings, they have also seen to the success of many of today’s big names in drum n bass including ShockOne, Metrik, and Seven LionsWorking on their second album, the duo has slowly been releasing singles and from what I’ve heard, this album is going to be BIG.

Matrix & Futurebound’s  most recent single has been destroying charts since its recent release. Magnetic Eyes is a pop-y drum n bass song that I absolutely love. The remixes that have been spun off this are also equally impressive (check out TC’s trap remix if you’re interested). All I Know is another single release rocking another impressive vocal track. If the group continues to feature vocalists of this caliber, this album is not only going to be great but also impressively produced. Move On is a little chiller and does a great job of producing an atmosphere that you can bounce your head to. An equally chill but older track, Coast to Coast is also song 🙂


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