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Nasty Track Presents!

Whoo, still feeling that Thanksgiving turkey and haven’t been keeping up with the recent tunes during the holidays so I figured now is a great time do a plug for our first (with more to come) Nasty Track show! If you’re in Denver, CO next Saturday Dec. 1 we’d love to see you there! Hosted at the Larimer Lounge, an awesome venue (, we’ve got some great local acts lined up. It’s also me and Ames’ birthday party so it’s definitely going to be a rager (champagne anyone?). We’ve got a wide variety of genres playing and we literally spend hours a day searching for new music so you know this is going to have a ridiculous playlist – plus we’re giving away mp3 CDs of all our favorite featured NastyTrack tunes. You can buy tickets online at the website or at the door. If you get them from us though they’re only 5 bucks, sweet. Get stoked for the headliner – Snap Crackle Drop. This slightly ridiculous sounding name is the side project of Gizmo and Fun Factory. It’s a unique EDM performance of the duo that uses 2 computers, 4 turntables, 2 effects boards, and 3 mixers that definitely looks and feels more like a jam than a DJ set. Hopefully we’ll see you there and come say “what’s up” if you make it!

(Snap Crackle Drop from our recent photoshoot)

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Alain Queme, more commonly known as “Alan Braxe“, is an elecronic music artist from France.  He began his work in the mid 1990’s in Paris, where he was seen as a key figure in the French electronic music scene.  The name “Braxe” originated from a region in France where he used to reside, Brax.  Alan’s first debut single “Vertigo” came out in 1997 on the French record label Roule, which was founded by Thomas Bangalter, one of two that make up Daft Punk.  However “Vertigo” was mainly a hit because of the “Virgo Edit”, which was co-produced with Thomas Bangalter.  “Music Sounds Better with You” was co-writtien by Alan Braxe with Bangalter and Benjamin Diamond, all of which wrote the song under the name Stardust.  This track ended up being a major hit in 1998 and reached number one on the US Dance chart.  Not to mention, this is probably my favorite electronic song of all time, not even exaggerating here, I used to listen to this AD in college and highschool.  Later Alan created Vulture Music label which he continued releasing tracks under.  As of late, Alan has become in-demand as a remixer and is frequently co-producing with Fred Falke.  His remix of X Girl‘s “Teenage Bad Girl” featuring Rye Rye is a perfect example of why he is “in-demand” as a remixer.  He completely renovates the original song, which kind of stanks errrrr really stanks, and turns it into a great, up-lifting disco track! His remix of Ford & Lopatin‘s “Too Much MIDI” is an even better example of his remix skills as he completely switches the base beat from the original, creating a completely different sound.  Keeping some of the original vocals and speeding up the tempo, he does some quality work with this remix!  Alan’s remix of Beyonce‘s “Broken Hearted Girl” is a great disco take on the ever so sappy original, something I can actually get into!  Fred Falke and Alan Braxe did a remix of Jamiroquai‘s “Runaway” which I absolutely love and is my favorite remix of the lot.  Once again he creates that disco-esque sound that goes so much better with the vocals than the original!


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Sammy Bananas

One of the pioneers on A-Trak’s legendary Fools Gold label, Sammy Bananas has been funkin’ it up lately. Hailing from Brooklyn, this cat has an epic catalogue of indie-electro remixes. His oldschool disco/funk style is right up my alley, and I’m ULTRA stoked to see the man himself this Saturday at The Hundred party! Come disco down!!…details here.

On to some tasty tunes? First up, we have the Banana man’s take on The Talk, a driving nu disco song by Fashen. Sammy slows down the track a bit and adds some nice funk to it. The result is a really chill dance floor takeover. Of his recent work, this one is my favorite. He again showcases his knack for this type of remix with the rework of TiTAN’s pounding disco house track Rodeo. Sammy once again works his magic to tone down this banger a bit, and perfects it for groovin’ down. He subtly tunes the track to a much more “full” sound, all the while maintaining the 4/4 rawness of the original. Chromeo’s When the Night Falls emulated the synth pop of the 80’s. Sammy B has a really unique take on it. I LOVE the original and didn’t really know what to expect from this one…. He departs from the 80’s vibe and takes the track in an almost jazz bar direction; The addition of a saxophone and the subtraction of the original’s driving bass line morph this classic into a completely different song. Being a huge Chromeo fan, I’d have to say I prefer the original, but this one is definitely worth a listen! Lastly, Sammy does epic work on the bangin’ electro-disco remix of Into the Future. This Futurecop! remix is a hilarious upbeat disco KILLER. You’ll be dancing with a giant smile on your face. guaranteed.



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