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Dub Phizix


Just one question, have you ever heard/seen the music video for Marka? No? Well get on that. This song was seriously my number one jam of all of last year. I know it sounds like a bunch of gibberish and might not be for everyone but the originality and flow to this song is immense. Skream and Benga hyped the shit out of it on their BBC Radio One show and when they dropped it here in Denver, it was awesome.

Dub Phizix has one of the most original sounds in the DnB and dubstep scene today. Though he is classified under these genres, it’s a very loose connection, and he almost deserves his own genre. I would call it African Dub Hop or something like that –  Yeah. I’m guessing that his shows are ridiculous and unlike anything else out there. I can imagine African tribes getting down to this stuff while dancing around a fire. Or like some crazy voodoo party. The innovation that he displays in his music is what the scene needs to continue to drive it forward. Few people can change the path of a genre, or even add a new branch to its progress, but Dub Phizix has been able to successfully do this and will continue to have an impact in the future.

Picking the songs I wanted to share was hard. There are a lot of good ones on the soundcloud. However, I must start with the music video to Marka since I’ve been hyping it up. Don’t get too scared, just let it ride and enjoy haha. As for the rest of the songs? They speak for themselves – deep, dark, and wicked with some top notch flow. Check it.


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It’s not often these days that the Drum & Bass genre isn’t of the new school liquid variety. I was super stoked to hear Phace’s stuff. It’s a breath of fresh air to just hear straight-up, raw, in your face DnB. This dude is from Hamburg, and runs the label NeoSignal with his buddy Misanthrop. In fact, his track Desert Orgy with Misanthrop is an old school DnB classic. With releases on high profile labels like Virus, OWLSA, Mau5trap, and Shogun, he really has been all over the dark DnB spectrum. His tunes all maintain a precise atmospheric drum and bass sound that is super refreshing to hear. But alas, it’s Friday and time to GTFO of my office….. so if you need something different sounding check this guy out.



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Ok, it’s official. I’m over the screamy sirens and screeches that most of the popular dubstep songs/artists use now. It was pretty awesome when I first heard them but now it’s just sounding… meh. At least there are still a lot of artists making the same style of dubstep that I came to love years ago. Though this may not be for everyone, it’s by far my favorite. It’s kind of like minimal or tech house – sometimes the simple, slow building tracks are more powerful than the ones that have been kicked into overdrive. Sure I love my bangers, but this music is great just to tune out and listen to at home.

Kaiju, coming out of the UK where it all began, brings me back to the days of the first Skream or Burial album. Though they can be somewhat simple, there is feeling and emotion in these tracks and I find myself slowly bobbing my head when listening to them at work or in the car. Going by the genre they call “Zillastep,” this is a style you may have to get a little used to but once you do, you’ll just want more and more. Deep, dark, and dangerous.


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