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Ganja White Knight


So I had a pretty long rant written up for today about my opinion on the state of music but then I found Ganja White Knight’s new album and I had to hold off for another week. Don’t worry though, it’s coming, and it’s a good one. Anyways, you must be thinking this album is pretty awesome for me to hold off on a long, well written rant and you would be right. Good is an understatement though, this album is pure gold. Right when I thought dubstep was worn out and overdone, Ganja White Knight brings me back to loving it again. Borrowing elements from so many different and unexpected genres I can honestly say that this is one of the best albums I’ve ever listened to. The amount of time, work, and energy that must have gone into it is seriously impressive and it’s very rare today to see EDM artists releasing full albums instead of just EPs. Usually, I’d list my favorite songs but they are all equally impressive. Listen to this from start to finish in order because that’s the way it’s meant to be heard (at least the first time around).

I can’t embed this album but listen to it free at!


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Coming from the land down under, Flume, has been producing music since the age of 13.  Yea that’s right 13, the kid began his musical obsession with a production program found in a cereal box.  ‘Sleepless’ was his very first EP and damn is it good. I would be surprised if you haven’t heard his first and most famous track from the EP, but just in case I took the liberty of posting it “Sleepless” featuring Jezzabell Doran.  After his first EP, Flume began working on the remix of New Navy‘s anthem “Zimbabwe“, which landed him Triple J’s February mix up exclusive resident.  You can find the music video for the wonderful remix at the bottom of this post.  Flume is now in high demand playing festivals and shows all over Australia along with working on a new album release.  “On Top” featuring T.Shirt (great name by the way) is a super chill track with some great vocals giving it more of a hip hop feel.  “Holding On”  is truly an awesome production that brings in some high quality soul.  “I Met You” a collaboration done with Anna Lunoe,  is once again an excellent song, keeping a chill tempo with some beautiful vocals.  Ames also posted a couple of great songs from the man himself awhile back under the Future Classic post (Flume‘s Label), which can be found here.  Sit back, relax and chill out to some epic tunes!


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True Tiger

With a new EP released 2 days ago, True Tiger continues to maintain their trend of some quality and very distinctive sounding productions. These guys are from the UK and have a ton of experience remixing and even producing tracks for some very big name artists. One in particular is their official remix for Ed Sheeran of his song The A-Team. This song has a super chill vibe and brings just the right amount of whomp to accent the track but not overdo it. Another notable remix is Submotion Orchestra’s It’s Not Me, It’s You – another chiller dubstep song that has a nice UK garage vibe to it that I definitely like. Breakaway, is an original track track has a unique brass intro – though the rest of the song is slightly repetitive.

The EP Preview at the bottom gives a good feeling of what this EP is – dark and dirty. I feel like dubstep has started to stagnate a little recently due to its huge popularity and the flood of new producers trying to produce the next banger. Eventually this will settle down, but some good styles have been emerging. Most specifically the dark and minimal trend. Though it can be argued that this is what dubstep really started out as, I’m glad to see it coming back and this EP has some good minimal tracks. Head bobbing music, hell yeah.


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