Hey everyone!  My name is Nick and I live in the awesome city of Denver, CO.  I have lived here for the last 15 years and the thing I love about it most is the music scene.  I have been involved with music since middle school when I learned how to play the guitar and later the drums.  I was in a punk band for 3 years in high school and college and later put in some time as a wedding DJ (weak).  I began mixing with turntables as a hobby 7 years ago when I got my first set of Numark Vinyl turntables.  Since then I have moved on to a digital set but learning how to mix on vinyl gave me an awesome base to grow on.  Check out my newest mixes under “Taste” then “Gizmo” or just click on this link.  I hope to post a new one every month.  If you like it let me know!  Critiques?  Bring them on!

For bookings and contact info email me at:

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