Brookes Brothers


Dan and Phil Brookes are two great drum and bass producers out of London, UK.  Oh and you guessed it they are brothers, hence the Brookes Brothers and I’m not talking about some fancy pants, snobby clothes store, which I must admit, I do love (gotta treat yo self!).  These guys are on the epic label that is Breakbeat Kaos with such notable names such as, Nero, DJ Fresh, and Pendulum.  They began producing back in 2002 and signed with another great label Viper Records in 2006, eventually making their way to Breakbeat one year later.  “Tear You Down”  spent two weeks at the no.1 spot on the UK dance charts, further ascending their claim to fame and solidifying their quality production skills.  “The Blues“, one of their newer tracks, was released late in 2012 and this one provides some unique sounds making it one of my favorites.  Im sure most of you have heard “Beautiful” featuring Robert Owens an epically smooth dnb song, with great vocals and a video of a boy who makes quite the adventure for a glimpse of some tittays!  “In Your Eyes” featuring Johnny Osbourne is a pretty filthy track that has a reggae / dubby feel to it.  Enjoy some great dnb from the brothers! Oh and pre-teen girls prease don’t cut your wrists just cuz mary jane stole your man boy >.<

hope the vids work, youtube has been slightly janky on my end…


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