Alright, it’s time for my first post of the new year **cracks knuckles.** Being out of the loop for a few weeks had my inbox piling up with a TON of songs that took forever to get all the way through, but now I have a pretty huge stockpile of artists to do posts on and I got some serious quality coming. My pick for today is going to be Singularity. Coming out of LA, this guy has a huge range of tracks and a lot of them I’m really digging. At only 20 years old I’ve got a feeling that we’ll be hearing a lot more from him in the future. The only real background I could find on the producer was that he makes “computer noises,” so let’s dig in to the tracks.

What’s my first pick for 2013? Can you say dirty ass trap? Yes please. Trap remixes do wonders for songs I normally wouldn’t be down for. Once I listened to a trap remix of a Justin Bieber song (not knowing it was him) and I was like “damn, this is pretty sweet.” Then I found out it was a Justin Bieber song and I had to go kill myself. Anyways… The remix of Kanye West’s Clique is one of the more better done trap songs I’ve ever heard. It’s got some serious flow to it and I’ll be pumping it for awhile. Bringing it down a notch, Singularity’s remix of Seven Lions’ Days to Come, is an awesome trip into the trancey side of dubstep. The right amount of bass push to this song accentuates the trance elements perfectly. Another chill dubstep song is the remix of PeaceTreaty’s In Time which will be released on Dim Mak records (Steve Aoki’s label). Finally, the title track from the EP “Breathe” brings a good mix of awesome vocals and a heavier dubstep interlude. 2013!


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